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Blogger Writes Inspirational Post to Other Moms: ‘You Are Enough’

Laura Mazza
Laura MazzaCourtesy of Laura Mazza/Facebook

Australian blogger Laura Mazza doesn’t hold anything back. She’s shared details about her sex life, opened up about struggling with anxiety and posted a photo of her “jiggly tummy” to show what a postpartum body looks like. In July, her hilarious tale of farting during yoga class went viral with nearly 30,000 shares.

Now the mom of Luca, 3, and Sofia, 17 months, is being applauded for a Facebook post published Thursday, August 31. Here’s the gist: You are an amazing A+ parent even if you buy non-organic and are late to school drop-off every morning.

“Today beat the s–t out of me, so I fed my son nuggets. Am I bad mum? No way,” the 31-year-old began. “My best friend co-sleeps with her babes, does that mean they’ll be sleeping with her forever until college and she’s a bad mum? No. Some parents put their kids in their own rooms, does that mean they’re unloved? No.”

Mazza went on to note that she is a stay-at-home parent while her friend went back to work after a six-week maternity leave. “Are our children lazy, unfulfilled or neglected?” she wrote. “Nope, they’re all loved up and just as crazy as each other.”

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In her post, Mazza explained that good moms feed their babies formula. They also curse, have homes littered with toys and let their kids play on the iPad and watch television.

“I know some people judge for those stupid things like they really matter, but they don’t,” Mazza wrote. “I know you beat yourself up about the things you do. But you shouldn’t, because we are all different and nailing it … you are, you’re nailing it.”

She continued: “Your life is all about your kids, every waking moment is about them and the worry just proves how amazing you are. Don’t worry about social media, what the next door neighbor is doing, what you think should be doing because you are enough. You are enough, and maybe you can join me in telling another parent today, that they are enough too.”

It was the pep talk so many women needed to hear. “It’s good to feel that I’m not alone in this world with some of the stuff I think,” wrote one mother. Added another: “Such a great reminder . . . I think we can be our own worst enemies. Last night I was beating myself up over all the things I felt I wasn’t doing right because working and raising a toddler is so much harder than I thought it would be.”

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