Carrie Underwood: A Kid Would “Make Things So Complicated Right Now”

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She's been married four months, but country crooner Carrie Underwood says her life doesn't feel any different.

After their honeymoon in Tahiti, her husband, Canadian pro-hockey player Mike Fisher, immediately "went to Canada," she said Wednesday on the ABC special, In the Spotlight with Robin Roberts: All Access Nashville. "So it was like … 'See ya,' husband.'"

Underwood, 27, who couldn't join him because she had to go on tour, said it "was very strange. I really don't feel like I've lived married life yet. … It's great. Whatever it is. Whatever this is."'

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When he's away, she keeps busy by hanging with friends — and not at the clubs.

"On a Friday night, I'd rather go see a movie with friends or … like get together and play board games, or, something silly like that than go … party it up some place," said Underwood. "I'd rather be in my pajamas hanging out with the people that I love."'

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Despite their frenetic schedules, Underwood said Fisher, 30, is the ideal mate for her.

"He's a perfect balance of a manly man and like a best friend," she said. "He's a rugged man. He chops wood and he's outdoors and all that stuff, and he plays hockey, but … he also like loves to go shopping."

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When can we expect kids?

"We just want to be together and keep it as simple as possible. And I think a baby would just make things so complicated right now," she said.

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When her current tour wraps up in December, she plans to settle down with her man in Canada.

"I'll be more home-based," she said. "So I'll get to spend, you know, my days with him. We'll be more like a normal couple."

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