Conan O’Brien on Tech-Savvy Son: He Was Steve Jobs for School Hero Day

Conan O'Brien attends an event on November 21, 2013
Conan O'Brien tells Us Weekly that his tech-savvy son, Beckett, went dressed as Steve Jobs to play his hero in the school play. 

When Conan O'Brien has a tech malfunction in his household, he turns to his 8-year-old son, Beckett. "My son is far more technologically advanced than I'll ever be," the talk show host tells Us Weekly. "I can use an iPhone, but my son is now, like, reprogramming the router in our house."

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When his class was asked to dress up as their hero in the school play, Beckett didn't choose his father—he dressed as Steve Jobs.

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"He wore the turtleneck and the glasses and started haggling with me over contracts. He was pretty intense," O'Brien says of his boy. "He started arguing with me and I was like, 'I'm arguing with the reincarnated Steve Jobs literally.' [Beckett and sister Neve, 10] are now smarter than me."

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Though his son and daughter with wife, Liza, know what their dad does for a living, O'Brien is okay with the fact that his son chose a different well-known hero for the school play. "If I had my wish, they would think I was an insurance broker," explains the Conan host, who just renewed his deal with TBS to host the talk show for four more years. "We don't expose them to the show that much. We try to keep them outside as much as possible and really limit screen time."

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Keeping his kids active this summer by playing baseball and basketball with them, O'Brien says he's slowly starting to warm up to his son's newest extracurricular activity: Minecraft. "I actually don't mind because it's got a creative element to it," O'Brien says of Beckett's favorite computer and video game. "Every now and then, I'll come by and he's built an empire and he's enslaved a population."

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