Five Genius Stroller Hacks Every Parent Needs to Know


Parenting just got easier! Elle Walker, Meg Resnikoff and Brooke Mahan — the geniuses behind the popular YouTube channel WhatsUpMoms — shared five life-changing (and affordable!) stroller hacks with Us Weekly

Constantly struggling to open and close your stroller? Walker suggests using color-coded stickers to label buttons and levers with step-by-step instructions. “It’s amazing how helpful simple words like ‘push’ and ‘pull’ can be!” the pro tells Us

“You’d be amazed at how many strollers don’t have cup holders,” says Resnikoff. “Make your own by cutting out pockets from a shoe organizer and attaching to your stroller’s basket with velcro.”

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Give strollers more traction on slippery winter sidewalks by securing plastic zip ties around the wheels. Says Resnikoff: “You still need to get stuff done in cold weather!”

“I think we’ve all taken our kids out in the stroller, only to have the entire thing tip over under the weight of the diaper bag,” says Walker. “Try wrapping ankle weights around the front legs to maintain the balance and avoid this awkward moment.”

Say hello to hands-free multitasking! “I love walking to get errands done, but I can’t carry groceries and push the stroller,” says Mahan. Solution: Attach an extra-large carabiner off your handlebar to hang bags.

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