Funny Mom Celebrates Back to School With Relatable Photo

The Gardner Family
The Gardner Family in 2017 Courtesy of The Gardner Family

Keshia Gardner is the master of back-to-school pictures. Every year since 2013, the mom from Woodville, Alabama, has been staging funny photo shoots of her kids — and her 2017 effort does not disappoint.

In the celebratory image posted to Gardner’s Facebook page on Monday, August 14, she does her signature jump for joy with confetti while her children look on glumly. Gardner’s husband, Andrew, joined in on the shenanigans for the first time ever: he is seen soaking in a balloon-adorned horse trough, a cigar and “World’s Okayest Dad” mug in hand. “We had a party hat on one of the goats but he ate it,” she tells Us Weekly.

The Gardner Family
The Gardner Family in 2016 Courtesy of The Gardner Family

Gardner captioned the picture: “We threw the kids a back to school party. They were so excited!”

The Gardner kids — they have biological and foster children — are big fans of their mom’s annual tradition. “They love posing. But it’s always a challenge for them because they’re supposed to look mad about school starting back, but they end up laughing hysterically at me jumping in the air like a crazy woman. They usually encourage me by saying things like, ‘Higher! Come on! You’re barely getting off the ground!’ They love picking on me.”

The Gardner Family
The Gardner Family in 2015 Courtesy of The Gardner Family

Despite the picture, Garner, who works for the Jackson County legislative delegation, gets sad when August rolls around. “I’m just excited for them to get back in a routine,” she tells Us. “Summers can be somewhat boring for kids when their parents work full-time jobs. They are usually sleeping in, watching TV, eating all the snacks in the house and texting us that they are bored a million times a day.”

The Gardner Family
The Gardner Family in 2014 Courtesy of The Gardner Family

The highlight of this summer for the Gardners was a family trip to Destin Beach, Florida. “It was one of our foster child’s first time ever seeing the ocean,” she tells Us. “We laughed so hard because we forgot to tell him the water was salty. As soon as he saw the ocean, he ran as fast as he could. A small wave hit him in the face and he started spitting and yelling, ‘Gross!’ Then he said, ‘What the heck is wrong this water!?’ That is a moment we will never forget.’”

The Gardner Family
The Gardner Family in 2013 Courtesy of The Gardner Family

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