Jamie Anne Allman Welcomes Premature Twins: My Pregnancy Was Horrible

Jamie Anne Allman and Marshall Allman Tiffany Rose/WireImage.com

In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, The Killing's Jamie Anne Allman reveals she had a "horrible" pregnancy that resulted in the premature birth of twin boys. Eighty-one days before her due date, the actress welcomed sons Asher James and Oliver Charles on Thursday, Jan. 31.

Jamie, who wed True Blood's Marshall Allman in 2006, didn't get to take her boys home until late April. "Oliver was 2 lbs., 11 oz., and he was discharged at 7 lbs., 7 oz," she says of her son. "Asher was 3 lbs., but he was discharged from the hospital at 8 lbs., 1 oz."

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The star's pregnancy was far from ideal. "I puked seven to 12 times a day, and then I peed my pants every time I puked," Jamie recalls. "I popped blood vessels all around my eyes from every time I vomited, and if I moved slightly I would puke, so I couldn't really walk to the bathroom."

Jamie lost her appetite ("I ate toast and apples," she says) but continued to eat for her twins' sake. "My husband gave me snacks all day long, and I ate horribly because I couldn't eat anything else," she admits. "Pop-Tarts and Toaster Strudel really helped me!"

Because the Kansas native had a shortened cervix, she was put on bed rest for most of her pregnancy. Calling her second trimester "horrible," Jamie — who was also diagnosed with gestational diabetes — says she used a wheelchair before being admitted to the hospital in January. "They wanted me in the hospital for three months because the shortened cervix was slowly disappearing," she explains. "Then I got a bladder infection and delivered that day."

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Though she'd hoped to give birth vaginally, Jamie heeded her doctor's advice and decided to get a C-section. "They opened me up and Asher came out, then Oliver. I heard them cry and I looked over at Marshall to see what he was thinking. He looked at me and said, 'It's amazing.'"

New father Marshall was so awestruck that he fainted and fell off his chair. When he awoke, he began vomiting. "I was so nervous because I wanted to help him and I couldn't do anything. So I just said, 'You gotta get out of here!'" Jamie recalls. "He started crawling out of the operating room on all fours." Once Marshall sat down and collected himself, his wife says, "He was fine. We'll never forget that one because he videotaped the babies coming out, and right when they came out, boom! The camera stops."

Jamie was on bed rest in the hospital for five days before she was allowed to return home. She visited her twins in NICU daily, though their interactions were limited. "The first month, I only got to hold them for two hours total," she says. "They went through a lot. In the second month, thank God, I got to hold them a little bit more."

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During that time, Jamie worked to regain her strength. "My muscles had atrophied quite a bit because I hadn't used them for sixth months," she tells Us. These days, the actress says she feels "totally" great" and has her "body back." Though Asher "is dealing with acid reflux" and Oliver "is allergic to milk and soy," Jamie says she's the proud mom of "two normal, healthy babies."

Despite her difficult pregnancy and delivery, Jamie Anne hopes to add to her brood in the years to come. "I kind of want maybe four more," she tells Us. "I think it's really amazing to have a big family. I've always wanted one." She isn't yet sure if she'll carry any future children or use a surrogate, but she hopes her story gives other women who've been through similar experiences a sense of comraderie.

"It was not fun," she explains. "I just like to be open and honest and transparent about stuff like that."

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