Jason Biggs Talks Helping Wife Jenny Mollen Through Prenatal Depression: ‘Whatever She Needs’

Jenny Mollen (L) and Jason Biggs attend the Animal Haven's 50th Anniversary Party at Capitale on June 14, 2017 in New York City.
Jenny Mollen and Jason Biggs attend the Animal Haven's 50th Anniversary Party at Capitale on June 14, 2017 in New York City. Paul Zimmerman/WireImage

Growing family! Jason Biggs and wife Jenny Mollen, who announced they are expecting their second child back in April, are nearing their due date, which is set for Monday, October 2 — and the American Pie actor opened up to Us Weekly exclusively about how baby preparations are going and how he is helping his wife through prenatal depression.

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“I’m preparing by being at an event without my pregnant wife!” he joked to Us at the John Dewars And Sons Scotch Egg Club event on Thursday, September 28, in New York City. “Taking a little bit of time – a little calm before the storm. Having a night out. I haven’t had one of these just by myself for a little while.”

Jason Biggs hosts Dewar's Scotch Egg Club
Jason Biggs hosts Dewar’s Scotch Egg Club It's Convicts

Mollen, 38, has been vocal about her struggles with postpartum depression after her first pregnancy, and recently opened up in a series of posts on Instagram, on September 7, about also dealing with prenatal depression — a form of clinical depression that affects women during pregnancy before the baby is born. Biggs, 39, has been understanding through his wife’s journey and says he does all he can to be supportive.

“I find it’s less about the comedy and more about — whatever she needs. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to do what she’s doing, to do what women do,” he confessed to Us. “There are days where I’m literally just like, ‘I wish I could be carrying this baby for you.’ And then a second later I’m like, ‘Who the f-ck am I kidding?’ No guy does! That’s bullsh-t! We could never do it.”

“Lately, it’s been a lot of taking Sid because she has a harder time in the morning and at night. Stuff like that where I’m like, ‘What do you need today?’ But that ends as soon as the baby comes. No more bullsh-t excuses about her not being able to bend over once the baby comes! I’ll tell you that right the f-ck now!” he quipped.

The American Pie actor continued to gush over his love, saying: “She’s the funniest, coolest most laid-back mom. We’re definitely a united front when it comes to things we believe in and what we want our kids to experience. She’s super laid back, but she’s firm and strict when she needs to be. She’s super fun and funny. She just loves our kids more than anything in the world. I mean, what more do you need?”

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The couple are staying in NYC for their second baby, but moving to a new home. He added: “We’re expanding, we’re growing so we’ve upgraded.” The pair married in 2008 and welcomed their first child, son Sid, in February 2014, and the Orange Is the New Black vet told Us his firstborn is more than ready to be a big brother.

“He’s calling it ‘My baby,’ meaning his baby. He’s calling it my baby, so he thinks it’s his,” the actor revealed. “He believes he has naming rights, which he kind of does. We’re giving him options and he’s giving us his opinion but we realized — what’s happening is 90 percent of the time when you throw three or four or even two names at him, he says the last name that you said — we try to mix it up a little bit to see if he still thinks that’s the name.”

Biggs continued, “He’s started to act out more. He won’t let Jenny go two feet without ‘Where’s Mommy! Where’s Mommy!’ He’s definitely super attached right now, but he’s excited. We probably weren’t supposed to tell him, but we told him that his new little baby brother has a welcome gift for him. So now he’s really excited for his brother to come so he can get whatever this gift is.”

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On whether there will be some sibling rivalry, the comedian said that a competitive spirit is in their children’s genes. “Jenny’s competitive. I’m competitive. I’m sure the boys will be competitive. As long as it’s healthy and productive,” he said. “I never had a brother, so I don’t know what it’s like. I had two sisters. We fought but it wasn’t like — I don’t know. I hear things about brothers like kicking the sh-t out of each other. You can’t do that!”

“I always wanted a brother. I’m excited to see that relationship develop,” he told Us. “I’m excited for them to be there for each other and be buddies. I have a lot of beliefs. I’m opinionated and I’m excited to share my thoughts on the world with these guys and take them and travel with them.”

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Are Mollen and Biggs planning to have more children? He said: “I would do more but I don’t have to carry this thing around! We’ll see. We also live in New York. It’s like, two kids already is going to be a lot. We’ll see.”

Biggs will star in the upcoming film Coup d’Etat, alongside Michael Caine and Katie Holmes.

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