Kailyn Lowry Shares Birth Story of Baby Lo, Graphic Details of Her Two-Hour Labor

Kailyn Lowry and Lo
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There’s no such thing as TMI for Teen Mom 2’s Kailyn Lowry. The 25-year-old MTV reality star opened up about the dramatic delivery of her third son, nicknamed Baby Lo, whom she welcomed on August 5.

In a blog post on Monday, September 11, Lowry shared all of the details of her birth story, including how she went into labor in the car. After losing her mucus plug, she called baby daddy Chris Lopez.

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“I call Chris to let him know what’s happening and that if my water breaks or anything else I’ll keep him posted,” Lowry wrote. “And sure enough, MINUTES later… my water breaks. Get to the top of my stairs, thinking ok I should shower and try to take a nap (at 1:30 am, LOL) in case I’m gonna go into labor. Water starts breaking at the top of my stairs and contractions are instantly 3 mins apart… consistently. I get out of the shower and the rest of my water smacks on the floor.“

Lowry explained that she was in labor for 13 and 16 hours with her previous pregnancies, so she was shocked at how quickly things happened. “We’ve called the doctor and haven’t heard back yet,” she continued. “Call again and he finally calls back saying go to the hospital now… I literally say NOW?!?!?!? Here I am thinking I have a good 10 hours.”

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“Finally, we are in the car & my friend Rachel is essentially my doula in the backseat all while looking both ways while we run 3 red lights. So it’s 2:24 AM and I’m like omg I have to push. So if we get pulled over right now, I’m giving birth in the car,” Lowry continued. “I get to the hospital at 2:45 AM. I can barely sign my name on the papers… they’re struggling to get the IV in, I’m 6 cm … Nurse comes in to check me and I’m 8 CM but dilate 9, 10 cm AS SHE’S CHECKING ME… Last thing I hear is ‘I NEED HELP’ from the nurse who literally I just dilated in her hand lmao… I said ‘I CANNOT DO THIS WITHOUT MEDS’ and all the sudden I feel my body almost like curl up into a ball and then I turned into Super Saiyan, as Chris said, and sprawl out, arching my back, the nurses are yelling now, ‘chin to chest’ and baby was out 2 pushes later.”

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Lowry’s entire delivery took only two hours total and happened before her doctor even arrived at the hospital. The author has two other sons: Isaac, 7, with Jo Rivera, and Lincoln, 3, with her ex-husband Javi Marroquin. She has yet to reveal the name of her third son.

Teen Mom 2 airs on MTV Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.

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