Meet the Toddler Who Looked Like Danny DeVito as a Baby

Logan Courtesy Shannon Bihamta

Logan Bihamta, A 2-year-old boy from La Plata, Maryland, is kind of a big deal on the internet. When his mom, Shannon, posted a baby photo to Reddit on November 15 with the caption “my son used to look like Danny DeVito,” the toddler became an overnight celebrity.

Danny Devito
Danny Devito Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images

In the picture, which was taken when Logan was around 9 months old, the grinning infant bears a striking resemblance to the bald-on-top It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia actor. 

Courtesy Shannon Bihamta

“When Logan was born I called him my little old man because the top of his head was bald,” Shannon, 32, tells Us Weekly. “I used to joke and tell people that I might’ve watched too much Dr. Phil. My mom believes if you stare at someone for a long time when you’re pregnant, your kid will look like that person!” 

She adds: “A lot of people would give me suggestions like, ‘Rub olive oil on his head and he’ll grow hair.' You know, little old wives' tales.” 

Courtesy Shannon Bihamta

Though Logan has grown a full head of hair and no longer looks like DeVito, Shannon says her toddler could follow in the 4-foot-10 star’s footsteps. “He actually tries to act. He’ll act out what he sees on TV or pretend to that he fell and say he’s hurt,” the proud mother tells Us. “And he loves making people laugh. He’ll randomly sing songs.”

DeVito isn’t the only famous man with a baby doppelgänger. As reported by Us Weekly, Gordon Ramsay, John Legend, Jay Z, Stephen Curry and Eric Stonestreet all have pint-size look-alikes!

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