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Nannette Hammond Spends $500,000 to Look Like a Barbie Doll  

Nannette Hammond
Nannette Hammond News Dog Media

Nannette Hammond may sound like the average stay-at-home mom: She lives in Cincinnati with her husband, Dave, and their five kids. But the 42-year-old has spent $500,000 on plastic surgery to transform herself into a human Barbie doll.

“I know the other parents talk and gossip about about me but I will tell you what, I don’t really care,” the platinum blonde told News Dog Media. “Parents can think what they want and say what they want about my appearance but it doesn’t bother me. I’ve taught my children to rise above it.”

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As a child, the natural brunette owned more than 50 Barbie dolls. “I loved playing with those Barbies. Growing up, I felt shy and self-conscious about my looks and wanted to be just like the dolls.”

Nannette Hammond and her family
Nannette Hammond and her family News Dog Media

She continued, “I imagined they’d always be happy and I felt drab in comparison. I didn’t like my hair color and as a teen, I really wanted bigger breasts.”

Now, Nannette is living her dream. 

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The 5-foot-3 beauty, who rocks a 28H bra, has had three boob jobs, a breast lift, veneers, lip fillers and eyelash extensions. She also wears semi-permanent makeup and hair extensions, and makes daily visits to the tanning salon in her 10-bedroom home. “It’s worth every penny to look like this,” Hammond said to News Dog Media. “I feel happy and secure. I want to age gracefully and when the time comes for me to have a facelift, I won’t hesitate to get one.” 

Nannette Hammond
Nannette Hammond News Dog Media

Hammond insists that her children — Giovanni, 15, Sophia, 12, Alex, 10, Antonio, 5, and 16-year-old stepdaughter, Hannah — aren’t embarrassed by how she looks. In fact, they take the racy pictures she shares on Instagram! 

“[They] are just so proud of me and what I’ve achieved through surgery,” she revealed. “They think I look great — my life is better than Barbie’s now.”

Indeed: Nannette has three pink customized Barbie cars — including a $249,000 Porsche — plus three walk-in closets that she calls her “Barbie playroom.” And Dave is happy to splurge on his wife.  

“I like Nannette’s look and I’m always happy to support her,” he raved to New Dog Media. “Nannette takes care of the family and puts everyone else first. So we make the most of every moment together.”