One Mom Got the Best Revenge on a Man Who Took Her Parking Spot

Alex Gerrard Osian and Rhydian
Alex Gerrard’s 2-year-old twin boys Osian and Rhydian Courtesy Alex Gerrard/Facebook

Don’t mess with sleep-deprived parents. Alex Gerrard, a British mom of 2-year-old twin boys, chronicled what happened when a child-free man peeled into a parking space reserved for pregnant women and families with small kids.

“The breakneck speed made me s–t my pants a little. I thought maybe they were giving everything away for free in [U.K.-based grocery chain] Tesco to warrant the urgency,” Gerrard began in a Facebook post published on Sunday, October 1. 

Gerrard, who had her boys Osian and Rhydian in tow, gently explained to the “bearded Hobbit” why she needed the spot, but her words fell on deaf ears.

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“Maybe you could move to another space as there’s no more parent spaces left?” she recalled asking him, to which he replied: “There will be when you leave, now F–k off you fat bitch.”

That’s when Gerrard lost her cool.

“I had gone from polite to the burning fires of Hades in 5 words,” Gerrard wrote. “I’ve not slept in 3 weeks . . . What I really wanted to say to him was that I’ve been on a sodding diet for the last 10 days . . . Don’t you DARE call me a fat bitch! I’m a bloody starving, knackered mother of exhausting twins and you’ve just pushed me over the limit of what was my last iota of politeness.”

As the the man “waddled away into the store waving his middle finger” Gerrard caught noticed an “overwhelming” smell coming from one of her boys.

Alex Gerrard Osian and Rhydian
Alex Gerrard’s 2-year-old twin boys Osian and Rhydian Courtesy Alex Gerrard/Facebook

“My heart sank. Then I decided to get even,” she wrote. “I used my bad nappy for good. A little justice for all knackered parents who have been f–ked over . . . Yes, that’s right . . . I did it!! I stuck my dirty nappy to his windscreen securing it with his windscreen wiper.”

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Gerrard said she felt better instantly. “I’m just sorry I didn’t have time to hang round to see his reaction,” she admitted in the post. “I did receive affirmation from another woman who must have witnessed the incident. ‘That’s genius” as she walked off with a smile.”

Gerrard’s post has received more than 4,000 comments so far.

“It started off really nicely and then he started the name calling,” she tells Us Weekly. “I wasn’t demanding or anything and he was being an ass. It’s certainly not something I usually do. I understand I’m not entitled by law to these spaces, but they are there for a reason and for courtesy. It’s so difficult trying to get in and out of cars with kids.”

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