Parents Place Ad for Nanny with Victorian Values: He Is ‘Allowed One Hour a Day to Play’ 

Nanny Victorian Values
A couple in the U.K. placed an ad looking for a nanny with ‘Victorian values.’  Getty Images/Vetta

Mary Poppins need not apply! A British family is searching for a live-in nanny to look after their 7-year-old son while adhering to strict Victorian rules. 

The parents, who live in Ascot, Berkshire, state in their ad that they are “a traditional couple” and are “set on raising our children in a way similar to the Victorians.” This means the little boy is only “allowed one hour a day to play” and he “must remain in his best dress.” Their reasoning: “We believe that becoming a respectable person starts with always looking presentable and ready for any kind of occasion.”

And forget warm hugs as affection is a no-no at this home. “Most like traditional Victorian parenting, we believe it’s extremely important to show children minimal affection in order not to spoil them,” the mom and dad explain. “So we also want the nanny to refrain from any contact other than shaking hands and a kiss on the head before bed if necessary. We are firm believes that children should be seen and not heard and believe this will help his development.” 

While “recreational technology” is banned, board games, books and traditional wooden toys have the Victorian seal of approval.

Not surprisingly, the couple have had some difficulty finding the right caregiver. “We’ve recently parted ways with a child carer we found through a friend because of some of our conflicting beliefs,” the ad reads. For the right person, it’s a pretty sweet gig: the pay is $98,000 a year with 25 vacation days. 

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