Source: Teen Mom’s Amber Isn’t Dating Sex Offender


Chalk it up to a case of mistaken identity.

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Though it was reported Thursday that Teen Mom's Amber Portwood is dating convicted child sex offender Christopher Glen Hossman, a source tells that the man "is not the 'Chris' featured on Teen Mom."

The "Chris" featured on the hit MTV show has had a brush with the law however.

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On a recent episode, she asked "Chris" what he did before they met. He revealed that he had served time — but never explained why.

"I got into trouble and I got caught, and they put me on work-release," he told her. "It's like a jail where you get to go out and work and you have to go back."

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Portwood told Us she wasn't bothered by his past.

"I try to give everyone a second chance and look into their hearts," she said. "I wouldn't have even given him a chance if he was still into drugs or doing anything like that. I wasn’t okay with his history in jail, but I can’t judge him just by that, because if that was the case, there's plenty in my past that I could be judged on."

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