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These Identical Twins, 3, Are Horrified to Learn Their Dad Ate All the Snacks — Watch Their Adorable Reaction

New Jersey dad Justin McClure recently learned a very important lesson: Never, ever mess with a toddler’s snacks. On October 15, the photographer and his wife, Ami McClure, filmed their 3-year-old twin daughters reacting to the news that he had polished off their goldfish crackers and muffins while they were at preschool. 

Justin McClure wife Ami
Justin McClure and wife Ami.

“That’s not nice!” yells Alexis. “What if I get hungry!?”

“He’s supposed to eat salad!” cries Ava. “Because he’s a boy.”

Ava McClure Alexis McClure
Ava McClure and Alexis McClure

It turns out McClure is not a first-time offender. In the 4:38 minute clip posted to YouTube on October 19, Alexis and Ava reveal that their dada is also guilty of eating all their Cheez-Its and Pirate’s Booty!

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When Ami, who is heard behind the camera, asks what they’re going to do, Alexis replies that they’re going to “take care of it” by putting him in the guest room.  

Justin McClure
Justin McClure eating Goldfish.

The guest room is home to Justin’s Vinko the Dancing Bear costume. “I used to dress up in this Vinko outfit and it scarred them forever,” the girls’ dad, 42, tells Us Weekly. “So now if they ever misbehave, we say, ‘You’re going in the Vinko room!’”

Justin says the identical twins have strong personalities. “Alexis has attitude. She’s always shaking her head, shaking the finger ‘no,’” he tells Us. “Ava questions everything. If I turn the light off, she’ll have to get up to turn the same light back on to turn it back off!” 

Justin McClure Ava Alexis
Justin McClure with Ava and Alexis.

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And both girls have each other’s backs. “They’are constantly defending each other,” says Justin. “If one is upset with me, this is their favorite line: ‘That’s my sister!’”

Alexis and Ava are on Instagram.