This Hilarious Text Exchange About the Family Cat Is Resonating With Animal Lovers

Debbie Izenman and Coco
Debbie Izenman and Coco Courtesy of Jennifer Katz

Debbie Izenman feeds her 17-year-old cat, Coco, Dreyer’s french vanilla ice cream before bed every evening. But things went awry when Izenman’s daughter, Jenny Katz, who recently moved out of the family’s Burbank, California, home, unknowingly threw a wrench in the nightly ritual. 

Katz shared the hilarious August 22 text exchange that followed — and it quickly went viral with more than 17,000 retweets and 28,000 likes. 

The conversation began with Izenman asking who ate Coco’s vanilla ice cream.

“Lol me,” Katz, 20, responded, to which her mom Izenman replied, “Sad … She’s waiting for some.”

When Katz pointed out that Coco is “literally a feline … [and] doesn’t need a  f–kin ice cream,” Izenman decided it was time to lay on the guilt.

Jenny Katz and Coco
Jenny Katz and Coco Courtesy of Jenny Katz

“… we will give her a Popsicle and see if that satisfies her,” Izenman wrote, followed by a photo of a forlorn-looking Coco — a tiger-striped tabby — staring into the camera. 

“This is so over dramatic!” Katz typed. “She IS A CAT!!!”

Katz tells Us Weekly that Coco is treated like royalty. “My mom pays more attention to Coco than anyone else!” she says. “She makes sure she’s happy at all times.”

Meanwhile, Katz says that vanilla ice cream is just one of Coco’s favorites. “She loves cheese, nachos and oatmeal,” Katz tells Us. “I used to always eat it for breakfast and she would sit on the tousle and eat it out of the bowl with me.”

And while Coco may be spoiled, she’s apparently not brat. Insists Katz, “She is the sweetest cat you’ll ever meet and the best cuddle buddy.”

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