Woman Tricks Husband Into Drinking Her Breast Milk

Watch mum trick partner into drinking breastmilk

We can't stop laughing! 😂

Posted by Netmums on Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A British mom has soared to internet stardom after secretly spiking her husband’s morning tea with breast milk. 

In a video posted to the Netmums Facebook page on Wednesday, November 15, prankster Charlotte Adams, who has a daughter named Ivy, explained that she has been pumping breast milk because the baby won’t latch. 

A giddy Adams filmed herself mixing the special concoction for Ivy’s dad, Rob. “I’m gonna make his tea with my milk and not tell him!” exclaimed the 28-year-old. “I’m so excited.” 

After Rob finished his drink, Adams returned with her camera to capture his reaction. “How’s your tea?” she asked, to which an unsuspecting Rob replied, “It tastes funky. What have you done to it?”

Not satisfied with his response, Charlotte continued to press for more details. “Does it taste different? How does it taste?”

Finally Charlotte let him in on the secret ingredient: “How would you feel if I told you I made your tea with my breast milk?”

Woman pouring breast milk into bottle
Blend Images/Getty Images

For a moment it looked as if Rob was about to get angry. But then he broke into a grin as Charlotte cackled in the background. 

“The most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen,” wrote one person. Another chimed in: “My partner did this willingly. Any leftover that would have been tossed he put into coffee or drank from the bottle. It’s full of protein and goodness,” wrote one person on Facebook after viewing the video. A third joked, “I’d love to see the revenge cuppa he makes her!! far worse.”

Netmums editor-in-chief Anne O’Leary got in on the debate, too, writing on the Facebook thread: “I’m pretty sure the thought has crossed most of our minds at some point! We’re fascinated that it’s dividing the Internet though. The comments haven’t stopped flooding in. But comparing it to semen?! I truly have no words.”

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