Woman’s Hilarious Rant About ‘Fancy’ Moms at the Bus Stop Goes Viral

Nicole Walters and her family
Nicole Walters and her family DFinney Photography

There are too many reasons to count why you’d want a friend like Nicole Walters. But here are three. The 32-year-old wears a T-shirt that reads “Oprah Wasn’t Built in a Day,” she coined the term “functional hot mess mom,” and she shared a live video of herself hiding from the “fancy” parents at the bus stop.

The Facebook clip, posted Thursday, September 7, begins with Walters lurking by the window in her Ellicott City, Maryland, home wearing a bonnet over her hair and yesterdays outfit. It was her 6-year-old’s first day of kindergarten and the entrepreneur wasn’t in the mood to make small talk with the bus stop moms. Which is why she sent her nanny instead. “I can’t do the surburban mom thing,” she confesses.

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One mom in particular causes her anxiety levels to soar. “You don’t know how perfect she is. She’s so fancy. She’s so fancy. She’s skinny. She wears tennis clothes every day. Tennis clothes and a visor every day,” Walters whispers. “Every day she wears that.” Later, Walters notes that the woman “is just so good at life. She’s just so good at life.”

And Walters’ impressions are spot-on. “These bus stop moms . . . they want to talk about the same thing every single day. ‘What’s up with this weather?’ ‘Is this bus always gonna be this late?’” she says mimicking their high-pitched voices. “It kills my soul.”

Watch the video for more of Walters’ hilarious musings. Sample quote: “I don’t know if any of you guys are like me . . . I like people and I’m extroverted … I’m really a lover of people, but I also don’t like people.”

Josh and Nicole Walters
Josh and Nicole Walters DFinney Photography

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Walters and her husband of 10 years, Josh, adopted three sisters — now aged 6, 15, and 18 — four years ago. “I think we all struggle with internal insecurities about being the best for our kids,” she tells Us Weekly. “Most of us grew up in a different time where you ate dirt, gluten, and sometimes just glue and moms didn’t say a word. Now, it seems like if you let your kid drink out of a plastic bottle, you’re not a mom, you’re a murderer. My video just echoed what a lot of us are feeling. We want to be the best for our kids, we admire and envy those that seem to do it better . . . but we also have to be OK with doing our best.” 

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