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Olympic Diver Abby Johnston: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me (I Own 87 Bathing Suits)

Abby Johnston
Abby Johnston Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Abby Johnston is heading into her second Olympics, where the diver will go for gold after winning a silver in synchronized diving at the London Olympics in 2012. The newly engaged Duke medical student took a moment before competing to share 25 fascinating facts about herself.

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1. I carry hot sauce in my purse.

2. I have terrible test anxiety, but I don’t get nervous wearing a bathing suit in front of millions of people.

3. I love my cat, Miss Lily.

4. I own a ukulele but don’t know how to play.

5. My mom keeps my Olympic silver medal because she thinks I’ll lose it.

6. I eat fast food every Sunday.

7. I have a killer margarita recipe.

8. I met my fiancé (Duke football coach Sam McGrath) because I lost my student ID and he found it.

9. My family calls me Doodle Bug.

10. I currently research heart disease at the Duke Clinical Research Institute.

11. I only drink out of straws.

12. I love country music.

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13. I wake up at 6 a.m. most days for practice and school.

14. I’m in my second year of medical school.

15. I train five hours a day and spend another six to eight doing schoolwork.

16. I volunteered in the Duke Brain Tumor clinic as an undergrad.

17. I took magic classes as a kid.

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18. Hairstylist is my backup career.

19. I never match my socks.

20. I wave to my mom before every dive in competition.

21. I own 87 bathing suits.

22. My dad tried to turn me into a golfer, but I still can’t play.

23. I got my Olympic rings tattoo from Ami James of NY Ink.

24. I graduated with a psychology degree from Duke University.

25. I’m claustrophobic and avoid elevators at all cost.

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