38 New Emojis, Including Bacon, Selfie, and Man Dancing Will Be Released in 2016, But There’s Still No Taco

There's going to be 38 new Emojis! 

But seriously, what’s the deal with the taco hate?! Unicode Consortium announced there will be 38 new emojis added in 2016, and while we are all very excited to utilize the selfie and shrug, there’s still no taco…

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According to Yahoo Tech, the company based in Mountain View, Calif., finalized the latest string of emojis after Unicode Consortium’s subcommittee submitted them to members for a vote of approval.

The new list, which also includes a pregnant woman and a very necessary potato, is set to be released in June 2016 as part of the Unicode 9.0 update.

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The company's recent update offered users a new set of emojis with varied skin tones. 

Here’s the entire set of emojis coming in 2016 as well as a Twitter user’s tweet to perfectly sum up our disappointment about the lack of a taco.

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•Face with cowboy hat

•Clown face

•Nauseated face

•Rolling on the floor laughing

•Drooling face

•Lying face

•"Call me" hand


•Raised back of hand

•Left-facing fist

•Right-facing fist


•Hand with first and index finger crossed

•Pregnant woman

•Face palm


•Man dancing


•Man in tuxedo

•Mother Christmas

•Wilted flower


•Motor scooter

•Octagonal sign

•Clinking glasses

•Black heart







•Fox face






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