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A Complete Guide to the People Who Are Surrounding Bobbi Kristina Brown

Bobbi Kristina Brown
Here's a breakdown of all the people connected to Bobbi Kristina Brown

Five days after being found unresponsive, face-down in a bathtub, Bobbi Kristina Brown continues fighting for her life. But while her future remains uncertain, one thing has become clear: There are a lot of people circling Whitney Houston's only child (who also happens to be the late icon's only heir).

As time ticks on, it seems that more and more friends and family have come to Bobbi Kristina's side. There are the obvious names, like her father, but there are less likely folks too, like entertainment mogul Tyler Perry. At this point, there are so many names popping up in the press that it's become a challenge to keep them all straight, which is why we've put together this complete guide to the roster so that you don't have to.

Bobby Brown
Bobbi Kristina Brown's father needs no introduction. Famous for his music and infamous for his personal life — which included a tumultuous marriage to Whitney Houston marked by infidelity, domestic violence, and drug use — Bobby Brown has been in the headlines for well over three decades. Despite his bad boy reputation, however, he certainly seems to be taking his daughter's situation to heart. On Sunday, he released a statement through his lawyer saying, "Privacy is requested in this matter. Please allow for my family to deal with this matter and give my daughter the love and support she needs at this time." He has been spending lots of time at the hospital, most recently on Wednesday, Feb. 4, with his wife by his side.

Alicia Etheredge
As Bobby Brown's current wife, Alicia Etheredge is part of Bobbi Kristina's extended family — and, according to some (unverified) reports, she may be pregnant. Though she hasn't publicly commented on the situation at hand, Alicia has accompanied Bobby to the hospital.

Nick Gordon
There have been quite a few conflicting reports about Nick Gordon over the last few years. As of now, it seems that the 25-year-old was Whitney Houston's unofficially adopted son while growing up, and is Bobbi Kristina Brown's unofficial husband now. After Whitney's death, Bobbi Kristina and Nick raised a lot of eyebrows when they became romantically involved and even faced accusations of borderline incest because of their upbringing as "siblings." Last January, however, Bobbi set the record straight by explaining that her mother never actually adopted Nick — and also took to Twitter to announce that two had tied the knot. It turns out, however, that may not be technically true, either (at least, that's what Bobby Brown's attorney is claiming). Regardless of the legality of his marriage to Bobbi Kristina, however, Nick has been front-and-center in this tragedy, having been one of the first people to discover her in the tub. Regardless of the legality of their "marriage," he has inarguably been one of Bobbi Kristina's closest confidantes since her mother's passing.

Max Lomas
Bobbi Kristina's friend Max Lomas is the person who first found her in the tub and began CPR. "She appeared to be lifeless at that point in time. He pulled her out and he was the one who called 911 and initiated the medical process," his attorney explained. Though Lomas has his own checkered past (he was charged with drug and firearm possession on Jan. 14), he has insisted that his motives in this situation are entirely pure. "His primary focus at this point in time is that he wants to get his good friend back," his lawyer stated. "He continues to hope for her full and complete recovery." Despite their friendship, however, he has not been allowed to visit her in the hospital due to access limitations in the treatment facilities.

Tyler Perry
Perhaps a surprising name that has been thrown into the mix is Tyler Perry, but he was close with Whitney and continues to have close ties with the entire family even now. Unlike many of the others hovering around Whitney's daughter, Perry has virtually no financial stake in what happens to the late Grammy winner's fortune. Rather, he seems to have a genuine bond with Bobbi Kristina. She guest-starred on his show For Better or Worse in 2012 and earned rave reviews from the writer/director/producer. "That kid has a such a future. She's such an actor," he gushed at the time. After news of Bobbi Kristina's hospitalization broke, Perry jumped to help, offering his private jet to Bobby Brown so he could be with his daughter. The two then made the trip from Los Angeles to Atlanta together.

Marion "Pat" Houston
Marion "Pat" Houston is one of the lesser-known players in this situation, but she plays a key role. She is married to Whitney's brother Gary and serves as the executor of the trust fund left to Bobbi Kristina. In other words, it's Bobbi Kristina's money, but Pat controls it. Last March, Pat petitioned for a temporary protective order against Nick Gordon, alleging that he had "made threatening comments and posted photos of guns with the intention of making petitioner fearful for her personal safety. Respondent then posted more photos of guns later and has sent harassing texts." There may be more to that story, though, as a police report indicated that Pat claimed that Nick wanted Bobbi Kristina's monthly allowance increased — and when she refused, he began making threatening and harassing statements toward the family. More recently, reports have surfaced that the family is blocking Nick from access to Bobbi Kristina's hospital room, also due to the bad blood between them.

Jerod Brown
Jerod Brown is Bobbi Kristina's cousin, but he wasn't just part of her family, he was working with her on her upcoming album. "I was on my way to Atlanta at the time to start recording on her project. She was excited for me to come down and get this thing on the ball. She had her eyes on certain people around her, but she was excited about what was about to take place. We all were excited," he told E! News. He went on to reveal that Bobbi's first single, entitled "Guilty of a Love Song," is all "about spreading love." He quickly added, "That record was going to touch the world. To her it was a very personal song of what her love life was about." Over the weekend, Bobbi's cousin and collaborator was at the hospital and insisting that she was doing better. "She's doing fine right now," he said. "She's pretty good right now, she's around family. We're just praying for a speedy recovery, that's it."

Only time will tell whether the aspiring singer and actress pulls through, but in the meantime, at least there are a lot of people by her side.

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