Adrienne Bailon Bares Bikini Bod in ‘Lovestruck: The Musical’

Adrienne Bailon
Adrienne Bailon 

She may no longer be a Cheetah Girl, but Adrienne Bailon will never turn her back on her singing and dancing roots.

This weekend, the 29-year-old actress stars alongside Jane Seymour, Sara Paxton, and Chelsea Kane in ABC Family's original movie "Lovestruck: The Musical," premiering Sunday, April 21.

"It was all the things I like to do: acting, singing, and dancing," Bailon tells omg! of what drew her to the role. "It kind of allowed me to go back to what I did with 'The Cheetah Girls,' which was, you know, in the middle of a conversation, break out in song and I love that."

She definitely gets to do her fair share of singing in the flick, which features performances of Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance with Somebody," Usher's "DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love," and Lady Gaga's "Just Dance," but it was the rendition of Madonna's "Like a Virgin" that was Bailon's fave number.

"Madonna's one of my favorite singers and it was so much fun," she shares. "They actually told us last minute, 'Oh, by the way, you'll be doing this choreography in a bathing suit.' It was definitely a girls' dance. Very empowering. It was a bunch of girls in bikinis telling each other they look great. 'No girl, your body's amazing.' 'No, yours is great.'"

Girl power is something the singer/actress truly believes in, which is why she doesn't understand when people question her friendship with singer Rita Ora, the fellow former-girlfriend of Bailon's famed ex, Robert Kardashian.

"I think it's weird that people think it's weird that we can be cool," she notes. "She dated him years after me; we run in the same circle of friends, she's no longer with him. It's actually sad to me that girls think you have to be catty. Men always seem to be able to be cool. If someone dated the same person, it seems like, 'Who cares?' But women are expected to fight over men. We get along well and it is what it is and it was the past and you move on."

As for her ex, Bailon says she's no longer in touch with Rob, whose name she used to have tattooed on her behind! Not that she has any ill will towards the family. "I'm actually still cool with Khloe — we did 'X Factor' together — and his mom, Kris."

In fact, she's even taking an entrepreneurial page out of the Kardashian handbook and launching her own nail polish line called Fingertip Fetish next month.

"I know this sounds weird, but since I was young, I have had a hand fetish," she explains. "The first thing I notice on anybody is their hands; their mannerisms with their hands, how they take care of their nails, how they're groomed. I actually started a blog on my website called Fingertip Fetish and it got so many hits that I started getting nail polish manufacturers hitting me up and saying, 'Hey, do you want to do a nail polish line?' and I said 'absolutely' and partnered with a company called Color Lab and we're making it happen."

Add in some new music expected to be released in this summer and 2013 is shaping up to be a big year for Bailon!

Tune into ABC Family's "Lovestruck: The Musical" on Sunday, April 21 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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