Teleprompter Blunder Leads to Anchorman Saying ‘Check Your Panties’ On-Air

Wait, what did he just say? Virginia anchorman Eric Philips suffered a terrible-yet-hilarious teleprompter blunder during a live broadcast on Wednesday, October 19. Watch the clip above to see the blooper!

Reading off the script, the NBC12 newscaster announced, “Check your panties.” After reading a few more words, he realized that the script was supposed to say, “Check your pantries.” The line was meant to lead a segment on a recall of 175,000 rice and slow cookers due to a fire hazard.

His coanchor, Karla Redditte, could not contain her laughter. “I couldn’t warn you before. I saw it and I couldn’t warn you, Eric,” she said between giggles.

Philips recovered from the mistake like a pro and later took to Twitter to joke about the gaffe. “Ok…so this happened this morning. Soooo embarrassed! #CheckYourPanties,” he tweeted.

The next day, the Richmond anchorman shared another funny photo of himself and Redditte triple-checking the teleprompter scripts. “My partner in news is making sure I go over my scripts with a fine toothed comb because….you know…#checkyourpanties #checkyourscripts,” he captioned a photo on Twitter.

Despite the slip-up, Twitter had mostly compliments for Philips. “You handled that so well and gave America a good laugh and a new hashtag! Roll with it!” one tweeter wrote. 

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