False Alarm! Apple’s Peach Emoji Looks Like a Butt Again

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Our prayers have been answered! Apple redesigned the peach emoji once again in the third beta version of iOS 10.2, restoring it back to its original buttlike shape.

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Earlier this month, Apple introduced its latest update, which including a series of new and redesigned emojis. Some of the changes upset iPhone users, particularly the peach emoji, which was transformed from a peach-butt to an average, arguably less sexy piece of fruit. Now, Apple has reversed course and restored the peach-butt emoji to its natural cheeky glory.

The peach emoji has been a go-to for users who want to caption their butt selfies with a curvaceous emoji or send suggestive late-night messages. (We see you, eggplant!)

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The company's latest change has overjoyed Apple fanatics everywhere, with many taking to social media to share their jubilant reactions.

"PEACHBUTT EMOJI SHALL LIVE ON, HALLELUHJAH," one Twitter user wrote. Another tweeted, "iOS 10.2 beta 3. The peach emoji is back to its true meaning."

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Some users saw the update as an opportunity to share their feelings about the recent presidential election. "People can fight and complain enough to get the #peachemoji brought back but we can't vote in the right president?! #Trump," one tweeter complained.

The new iOS software update also includes a doctor, a firefighter, a handful of new animals (such as a deer and an owl) and new emoticons (such as an avocado and pancakes), among others.

Tell Us: Are you excited to have the peach-butt emoji back?

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