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Ariana Grande’s Donut-Licking Video Being Investigated by Police and Environmental Health Department

Ariana Grande's donut-licking video is being investigated by police
Ariana Grande's donut-licking video is being investigated by police

Ariana Grande‘s donut-licking incident just keeps getting bigger — now the Wolfee Donut shop’s security camera footage is being investigated by the police and the Environmental Health department.

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Grande, 22, made headlines on Tuesday, July 7, when TMZ released footage from the donut shop of the “Bang Bang” singer kissing her backup dancer, saying she hated America and then licking donuts which were subsequently bought by unsuspecting customers.

As Us Weekly later discovered, Grande not only licked donuts, she also spit on a tray of donuts which other customers also purchased as the evening went on.

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“She spit on one of them, and she dared that guy she was seeing and he spit on it, too,” store owner Joe Marin told Us.

Ariana Grande Doughnuts
Ariana Grande and her backup dancer Ricky Alvarez at Wolfee Donuts on July 4.

The fact that the spit-on donuts made their way to unsuspecting consumers made Grande’s prank became a matter for the police and the Environmental Health department, the AP reported on Wednesday, July 8.

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Dottie Ellis-Merki, a spokeswoman for the Riverside County Department of Environmental Health, said the agency was investigating why the doughnuts were left out unprotected and exposed to the public, in violation of state food laws, but added that their investigators found no further issues at the shop on Wednesday.

“During the investigation, the manager did state they normally don’t leave donuts out like was shown in the video,” Ellis-Merki said in an email to the AP. “The employee went to the back to retrieve freshly made donuts by request of the customer [Grande] and left the trays out while getting other trays.”

Grande addressed her actions in a statement to Us following the incident, expressing regret at both what she said and how she acted.

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“I should have known better in how I expressed myself,” she told Us. “And with my new responsibility to others as a public figure I will strive to be better,” she continued.

When asked by the AP about the police investigation, Grande’s representatives said she would not have further comment.

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