Ashley Benson: People “Always Think That I’m a Bitch” When They Meet Me

Ashley Benson
Ashley Benson says people "always" think that she's "a bitch" when they meet her  Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Not so nice to meet you? By her own admission, Ashley Benson doesn't give off the greatest first impression — but don't take her cold shoulder personally. As she revealed to Wonderland in a recent interview, it takes her time to warm up to people, so her reticence can sometimes be mistaken for bitchiness. 

"Weirdly, I'm shy," the Pretty Little Liars star, 25, told the mag. "When people first meet me, they always think that I'm a bitch. I always get called that. Always. Because I don't talk."

Give her time, though, and she'll be hard to shut up. "I get really nervous in public situations, but once you get to know me, I'm so outgoing," she explained. "I'm so loud and bombastic. I have the biggest mouth. But [at first] I'm very closed off. I hold in emotions. I don't like to be vulnerable, ever."

That's why acting is such a good outlet for her. "When you're acting," she told Wonderland, "you get to explore those feelings and those emotions and those moments. Acting is so fun. I love memorizing lines and I love doing scenes." 

One thing she doesn't love? Everyone knowing her name and her business. "If I could work and not have anyone know who I am — I know it's not possible — that would be the goal," she mused. 

Interestingly, the Spring Breakers actress wasn't always so introverted. "When I was little, I was such a ham," she shared. "I'm obsessed with my younger self. I want her to be my daughter. I said anything I wanted then. I was so funny. I watch videos, and I'm like, 'What happened to that girl?' She's not here. She comes out when [I'm] drunk, or on TV."

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