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Barry Williams, AKA Greg Brady, Enjoyed “Every Minute” of His Brady Bunch Fame

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Here’s the story… Barry Williams, who is known best as Greg Brady, the eldest sibling in the belovedly cheesy family of the sitcom The Brady Bunch, managed to successfully survive child stardom without a tragic end. In fact, he’s still enjoying the limelight with the Feb. 5 premiere of his new show on GAC A Very Barry Branson. Williams, whose new reality series follows his attempts to stage a 1970s-themed production in Branson, Mo., visited HuffPost Live and shared the challenges of growing up Brady — and how he dealt with teenage fame.

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Barry Williams on HuffPost

Williams, now 60, said he embraced, rather than denied, his teen idol status during the Brady Bunch’s 1969 to 1974 run.

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“I was enjoying every minute of it,” he laughed. “…I was out, and having a good time… I loved the ladies, and I would go out and throw back a beer or two.”

Barry Williams on The Brady Bunch

Williams, who was a teenager (ages 14 to 19) while the iconic sitcom was originally aired, said he would get recognized often, but didn’t understand the excitement around him at first. In fact, Williams said he didn’t even see The Brady Bunch as a “big deal” — just a “little family show.”

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“I’ve become much more patient, and gotten much better at it, as I understand what people are relating to,” Williams explained of the classic, which lives on today in syndication. “I used to, my reaction was that they were making fun of me …and now I realize they’re sharing an experience of watching the show, or what they enjoyed, or who they liked, or how they related it to their own families.”

While Williams, who wrote an autobiography about the experience in 1992, Growing Up Brady: I Was a Teenage Greg, was busy “rebelling,” some of the younger Brady kids were protected by their families from the perils of young fame.

“Susan Olsen, Cindy Brady, was a tattletale on an episode, and when she went back to school she was ostracized because everyone thought she was a tattle tail…” shared Williams. “They would take it literally.”

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