Ben Affleck Calls Jon Stewart a Copycat, Freaks Over Gone Girl Spoilers in Hilarious Interview: Watch

Friends or frenemies? Ben Affleck caught up with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show on Tuesday, Sept. 30, and then men had a hilariously combative interview. 

Affleck, 42, was on the Comedy Central show to promote his new movie Gone Girl, which hits theaters this Friday, and to talk about his role as the caped crusader in the upcoming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Looking beefier than ever for his turn as Bruce Wayne and his superhero alter-ego, the Oscar winner greeted Stewart with an enveloping handshake-hug when he entered the stage.

Stewart, 51, immediately started to crack up, explaining, "You're beefing up obviously for the Batman role, and when you came up on to the stairs, and we had a little bro-hug, I really felt like your son after a little league game. When you came around like that, I was like, 'Thanks Dad! Thanks for coming!'"

Ben Affleck and Jon Stewart

Affleck got in on the fun, playing Stewart's dad and telling him, "Infield single's as good as anything else, kid. Walk's as good as a hit, Jon. You did great."

The Runner Runner star then turned the tables on Stewart, putting the pressure on the comedian over his upcoming directorial debut, the drama Rosewater

"There's something that's been on my mind," Affleck told Stewart. "You directed a movie, right? A movie called Rosewater. So this movie, it's about Iran, right? I mean, there's some Iran in that movie."

"But… do you know… I did a movie about Iran," Affleck continued after Stewart confirmed, referencing his 2012 Oscar-winning directorial and starring effort Argo. "I'm trying to think if there's a less babyish word than copycat."

Watch Stewart's retort and see Affleck freak out about movie spoilers in the video above! 

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