5 Best Appetite Suppressant Pills to Control Hunger and Lose Weight

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When it comes to losing weight, overeating and snacking are some of the major obstacles you might face. Unfortunately, controlling your hunger and cravings can be difficult, especially when there are all sorts of temptations. That is where appetite suppressants can help.

The best appetite suppressants seek to help you shed some weight in several ways. For example, some suppressants build appetite-suppressing hormones, some minimize cravings, and others help burn fat with a higher metabolic rate. Appetite suppressants may help you lose weight by making you feel fuller and minimizing your cravings and desire for extra food.

However, there are many appetite suppressant supplements available today, and finding one that is good for you can be overwhelming. Knowing which suppressants live up to the hype and which ones are a waste of time and money can be challenging.

This guide will review various brands and explain how they help minimize or suppress appetite. We examined each supplement by looking deeply into its ingredients, price, benefits, guarantee, and customer reviews.

Keep reading to discover the five best appetite suppressant supplements that not only work but are manufactured with natural, safe ingredients.

Top 5 Best Appetite Suppressant Supplements of 2022:

    1. PhenQ: Overall Best Appetite Suppressant Supplements
    2. Leanbean: Best Natural Appetite Suppressant Supplements
    3. Trimtone: Best Fat Burner for Men
    4. Phen24: Best Body Fat Cutter for Women

<liPrimeShred: Hardcore Appetite Suppressant Pills for Men

#1. PhenQ: Overall Best Appetite Suppressant Supplements


PhenQ, a brand by Wolfson Berg Ltd, is an industry leader for powerful appetite-suppressing supplements thanks to its high-quality formula. The researchers and scientists behind this company understand that suppressing appetite is not a one-size-fits-all task.

The brand dedicates itself to producing appetite suppressant supplements that meet high standards of quality. PhenQ has invested a lot of time formulating the most advanced, clinically-proven appetite suppressing supplement with the best and finest ingredients.

Moreover, PhenQ does not compromise on safety, as all of its products are tested by third-party labs. The results are published on the brand’s website for consumers to read and evaluate.

The company’s ingredients are all-natural and safe for consumption, even by vegans. They provide essential nutrients needed to stay fit by burning stubborn fat cells and contributing to metabolism for improved energy levels.

PhenQ’s appetite suppressant supplement has caffeine, which acts as a stimulant to minimize your appetite and cravings. The supplement also contains chromium picolinate and nopal, which are the key ingredients to the supplement’s effectiveness. Chromium picolinate is a vital mineral for the body that combats cravings for sugar and carbohydrates. The mineral works by increasing sugar uptake by the body, lowering sugar levels.


High-Quality: PhenQ is an advanced supplement made of only natural ingredients to avoid the undesired effects that chemicals and harmful substances might produce. Furthermore, PhenQ manufactures their supplements in a clean environment.

Great Refund Policy: The company has a 60-day money-back guarantee in which a customer can request a full refund if they are not completely satisfied. This offer aims to encourage new customers to try the brand’s products and maintain satisfaction with its existing customer base.

Third-Party Lab Tested for Safety: PhenQ’s products are tested and verified by a third-party lab for efficacy and safety. PhenQ also makes the results readily available to customers on its site.

Essential Ingredients: PhenQ supplements contain a combination of ingredients that are intended to help limit appetite and cravings. PhenQ’s appetite suppressant contains capsimax powder, which promotes higher body temperature and stimulates the fat-burning process. It also contains caffeine, which could make you feel less hungry and boost weight loss.

Free Worldwide Shipping: PhenQ ships its supplements worldwide free of cost. The company has warehouses in the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom. The brand aims to get its products to customers from its nearest warehouse, dispatching them within a day or two.

Satisfactory Customer Service<: Customers can contact PhenQ’s customer support staff 24/7 via phone, email, and live chat.


  • Free shipping on all products
  • Third-party lab test results available online
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Vegan-friendly
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Caffeine might interfere with healthy sleeping patterns
  • Lack of membership or subscription offers for returning buyers

⇒ Visit the Official Website of PhenQ

#2. Leanbean: Best Natural Appetite Suppressant Supplements


Leanbean is an appetite suppressant manufactured and supplied by Ultimate Life Ltd. Thanks to its efficacy and quality, the product has become one of the most recognized supplements on the market today. Leanbean may help women suppress appetite and cravings, along with losing weight.

Ultimate Life Ltd launched Leanbean to offer natural solutions to various challenges faced by modern women. It manufactures supplements like Leanbean that can be easily adapted to women’s lives, helping them see positive results quickly.

The brand adheres to the highest quality standards, and all of its products are manufactured in a safe, clean facility while abiding by the strict GMP-manufacturing rule. These practices ensure customers receive the safest and highest quality supplements.

One benefit consumers will enjoy with Leanbean is that its formula is entirely natural and vegan-friendly. Customers will enjoy ingredients like turmeric, chromium, green tea, and cayenne pepper, among others, with each serving.

Leanbean works to help stop sugar cravings that make it hard for you to follow your diet. Formulated with specific ingredients, the supplement aims to disrupt the activity of appetite-controlling hormones to lower your appetite.

Each serving of this supplement comes with glucomannan, which helps curb your appetite, allowing you to regulate your daily food intake. According to the supplements’ instructions, consumers should take two to three capsules daily, preferably 30 minutes before any meal.

Unlike most weight-loss supplements, Leanbean contains only a small dose of caffeine and is relatively low in stimulants, making it an excellent suppressant for people who wish to avoid caffeine and jitteriness.


Great Quality: Leanbean appetite suppressant pills contain only ingredients of great quality. The company incorporates excellent ingredients such as the EFS-approved glucomannan, which gives customers the illusion of a fuller stomach and minimizes their food intake.

Safe for Consumption: Leanbean is a safe and effective appetite suppressant formula with a natural combination of ingredients. Each appetite-suppressing capsule is third-party lab tested for purity, safety, and quality purposes. Additionally, the company manufactures each product in a clean and regulated facility to GMP quality levels.

Discounts Offered: To help customers get started, the company offers several discounted deals. For example, when a customer buys a three-month supply of the Leanbean appetite suppressant supplement, the brand will give them a fourth month’s supply free of charge.

Natural Ingredients: Leanbean contains natural ingredients like green tea and cayenne pepper, both of which are ingredients the average consumer is already familiar with. You can rest assured there are no harmful chemicals or byproducts in these supplements.

Refund Policy: A 90-day money-back guarantee backs Leanbean. Should the supplement fail to produce the desired results, customers can contact the company to initiate the refund process.


  • Natural ingredients minimize side effects
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Potent ingredients like green tea and turmeric powder
  • Organic components
  • 90-day money-back guarantee


  • Could take up to 90 days to see results

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Leanbean

#3. Trimtone: Best Fat Burner for Men


Trimtone is an all-natural appetite suppressant supplement for women who want to achieve their fitness goals. It contains ingredients that may help people with weight loss and muscle building. The company claims to have selected the ingredients in its supplement to help contribute to metabolic rates.

Trimtone is rich in natural ingredients like green coffee, caffeine, glucomannan, and grains of paradise. Trimtone aims to enhance satiety and fat oxidation and help suppress hunger response.

Glucomannan, a dietary fiber, is proven to be helpful in appetite suppression. Trimtone works by expanding the stomach when it comes into contact with water, making the person feel full longer and preventing them from overeating.

Trimtone has carefully outsourced its combination of ingredients to offer its customers the support they require to suppress their cravings and hunger. The caffeine included in the supplement does not exceed the amount contained in a single cup of coffee, making it an easy option for health-conscious people.

Alongside its natural and effective blend of ingredients, Trimtone appeals to customers with some financial incentives. Customers enjoy a money-back guarantee coupled with free shipping. Customers dissatisfied with the results can return their purchase to the company within 100 days for a complete refund.

The company knows busy people do not always have time to manage complicated dosages. So instead, Trimtone recommends taking one capsule with water before breakfast.


Exceptional Quality: Trimtone gets its ingredients directly from nature, meaning it is free of artificial additives and fillers. The supplement is power-packed with the most potent ingredients, including caffeine and green coffee, to help you in your journey towards suppressing your appetite and cravings. Each capsule is of high quality.

100-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Trimtone includes a 100-day money-back guarantee for all of its products. The company is ready to accept any unopened product and issue a refund. Keep in mind, however, that only the product cost is refunded and not the shipping fee. The company provides an address on its website and phone numbers that users can contact if they have an issue or complaint.

Quick Shipping: Trimtone’s warehouse is in the United States, where it dispatches products to customers within 24 – 48 hours of placing the order. The company offers free shipping only when a customer adds three or more products to their cart.


  • 100-day money-back guarantee
  • Third-party lab test results provided on the website
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Naturally-sourced ingredient
  • Free shipping available


  • Not vegan-friendly

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Trimtone

#4. Phen24: Best Body Fat Cutter for Women


As the name suggests, Phen24 claims to have introduced the industry’s first appetite and craving suppressant that works, “even while you sleep.” The brand designed its suppressant so you can integrate this product into your day-to-day life, regardless of your busy schedule.

The company consists of a passionate team of entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, marketers, and nutritionists who create products for a healthier lifestyle. Phen24’s success lies in the company’s research into the effects of metabolism. According to the company, a slower metabolism could be the cause behind your increasing appetite and cravings and your weight gain. The Phen24 supplement is a lab-tested formula that has been developed specifically by a group of fitness experts. This formula works to help build a robust metabolism so your body might burn calories and lose weight at a faster rate.

The company has devised a new system that might enhance thermogenesis to boost people’s energy levels. In addition, the Phen24 supplement may enhance consumers’ capacity to feel less hungry and consume less food. Both of these factors could allow consumers to limit their food intake and shed weight effectively.

Phen24 comprises natural ingredients and is lab tested for both safety and purity. The company claims this will help its customers curb their midnight snacking habits.


Shipping and Return Policies Available: Phen24 delivers its products globally with free shipping. The company has warehouses across Germany, the United States, and the U.K., making it possible to get your products quickly and efficiently. Phen24 dispatches all orders within 48 hours of placing it, and should you change your mind about your order, you can cancel it within 14 days. To do this, all you need to do is write the brand an email.

Discounts: For every two boxes of the supplement you purchase, you get a third for free. If you order three boxes of the Phen24 appetite suppressant, you get an additional two boxes for free.

Quality Product: The brand behind Phen24 values quality over quantity. The company emphasizes that exercise, the right amount of sleep, and a healthy diet will positively impact your health and wellness.

Great Ingredients: Phen24 strengthens its appetite suppressant with high-quality ingredients that contribute to metabolism. The supplement contains zinc, copper, and manganese. Together, these included minerals may contribute to your natural metabolism and your ability to eat and exercise better.

Convenient Dosages: Each box of Phen24 comes with two bottles of capsules, one for daytime and one for nighttime. The company recommends that customers take a single daytime capsule each day before breakfast, while the nighttime capsule should be taken two at a time, approximately 15 minutes before your last meal of the day.


  • Vegan-friendly
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Free shipping on all orders


  • Not suitable for those who are pregnant
  • Not suitable for those using antidepressants

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Phen24

#5. PrimeShred: Hardcore Appetite Suppressant Pills for Men


PrimeShred is a nutritional supplement that claims to help people suppress their hunger, appetite, and cravings. The company uses high-quality ingredients, a vegan-friendly formula, and potent nutrients to help achieve these benefits. PrimeShred contains zero GMOs and does not contain gluten, lactose, or soy. Hence, if you are allergic to these substances, you do not need to worry when taking the PrimeShred appetite suppressant.

Like the other brands on our list, PrimeShred’s supplements are third-party lab tested for quality and safety. You can view the results of these lab tests yourself on the brand’s website.

Muscle Club Ltd, a company based in the U.K., produces these appetite suppressant supplements. The brand is one of the most reputable in the dietary and fitness industry. The experts in the company have undertaken extensive research to ensure they provide their customers with the most potent suppressants manufactured with the latest technology.

When creating the PrimeShred supplements, the brand had the following goals: to escalate the body fat-burning process, improve energy levels, boost mental processes, and help users beat their cravings and increase appetite.

PrimeShred’s ingredients function on several levels. The supplement works to help convert calories into energy to improve workouts as well as tackle stubborn fat in the body.

In addition to several B vitamins to ignite the body’s calorie-converting energy, this appetite suppressant contains Rhodiola Rosea root, which people in the colder regions of Asia use to fight fatigue and stress.


Great Potency: PrimeShred is a high-quality nutritional supplement that may accelerate your appetite-suppressing journey without hassle. The supplement works even when you are sitting idle, so there is no pressure to achieve daily workouts. The supplement works by enhancing your body’s natural thermogenesis to kick start the process of weight loss and appetite suppressing.

Money-Back Guarantee: PrimeShred offers its customers a unique money-back guarantee. The company accepts all unopened packages sent back within 100 days, refunding the entire cost of the order minus any external fees. However, the returned item(s) will need to be well-sealed to be refunded.

Free Delivery: Customers can enjoy free delivery on most of PrimeShred’s products, which they ship globally.

Impressive Quality: The company behind PrimeShred does not compromise when it comes to the quality of its products. Its products contain non-GMO ingredients, caffeine, green coffee, cayenne pepper, and vitamin B complex. These ingredients safely yet robustly help customers fight their cravings in a natural way.


  • 100% vegan
  • Well-designed website for easy navigation and shopping
  • Third-party lab test results available on the brand’s website
  • Natural ingredients with zero GMOs
  • Does not require a prescription


  • Only available via the brand’s website

⇒ Visit the Official Website of PrimeShred

How We Made This List of the Best Appetite Suppressant Supplements

While this guide features five of the best appetite suppressants around, quick research will reveal thousands of appetite suppressant pills on the market. Usually, appetite suppressant manufacturers and their promotional campaigns will insist their supplements will suppress your appetite and cravings more quickly than other supplements.

When composing our list of the best appetite suppressants, we started by compiling a long list of the most popular brands. Next, we researched each company by evaluating customer reviews, how each brand sourced its ingredients and manufactured its supplements, third-party lab results, and more. After that, we began narrowing down the list of appetite suppressants from the results until our list contained brands that met our standards. We then cut these brands down even further until we had the best five brands available on the market.

What We Looked For

When we were looking for the best appetite suppressants on the market today, we cut down our extensive list by looking at each manufacturer and their products for:

  • Quality Ingredients: We looked at where each company sourced the ingredients for its supplements. Manufacturers can use numerous ingredients to make supplements, but we wanted to make sure we included brands that used safe, high-quality ingredients. The quality of ingredients is an essential factor because it determines the quality and effectiveness of the appetite suppressants.
  • Positive Reputation and Brand Reviews: Customer reviews are important when it comes to choosing an appetite suppressant to use. They offer valuable insight into the benefits and disadvantages of a specific supplement or brand. Looking at a company’s reputation is a key step since numerous fake brands claim to make effective supplements. We read through customer reviews to learn about their experience with the products and companies overall.
  • Safety: Each company we reviewed handles the manufacturing process of its products safely and cleanly. We also checked whether they followed the proper manufacturing guidelines, as we want to assure you the products on our list are free of harmful substances and chemicals. The products on our list are third-party lab tested, meaning they are safe for your consumption. In addition, we made sure these lab test results were available to consumers via the brands’ websites.

Buying Guide – What to Look for While Purchasing an Appetite Suppressant

Shopping for appetite suppressants can be a daunting task because of the numerous options available. When you decide to go out and buy an appetite suppressant, keep in mind that not all supplements are made equal.

>When you decide to add an appetite suppressant to your daily health routine, it is best to consider the following:


When looking to purchase the best appetite suppressants for you, be sure to read about each of the supplement’s ingredients. Some ingredients can be more potent or effective than others. Glucomannan, one of the many ingredients included in appetite suppressants, is thought to be an ingredient helpful in suppressing one’s appetite. There are numerous ingredients linked to appetite-suppressing effects. To understand their benefits and possible drawbacks, you should conduct your own research about each ingredient included in your appetite suppressants.


Companies should produce supplements in a safe, clean environment since you are ingesting them and putting them into your body. In addition, the supplements you are taking should not produce any severe side effects. After all, the point of appetite suppressants is to produce beneficial effects, not dangerous ones. To avoid this, buy your appetite suppressants from companies that use third-party labs to test their products and that make these test results easily accessible to customers.

Quality of Claims

When purchasing products from a company, it is important that you understand what the brand’s claims are concerning a product. There are many brands available on the market, so it is important to avoid ones that make outlandish, unachievable claims. Brands that promote these claims are more likely to sell you poor-quality, ineffective supplements.

Side Effects

The supplements we have listed are not regulated by the FDA, meaning the claims companies make for their appetite suppressants are not necessarily reliable. Before purchasing dietary supplements like appetite suppressants, you should consult your doctor. When purchasing an appetite suppressant, be aware of the potential side effects before you add it to your daily routine.

Depending on the ingredients in the appetite suppressant you take, you could experience side effects like gassiness, bloating, allergic reactions, and more. Before making a purchase, it is important to go through the ingredients carefully to determine whether or not they are suitable for you. If you have an underlying health condition or are on medication, consult a health specialist before adding an appetite suppressant to your diet.


When taking dietary supplements like appetite suppressants, it is important to understand what dosage is right for you. If you are a beginner, you might want to start at a low dosage to see how your body responds to the appetite suppressant. Once you are confident that your body is not responding negatively to the supplement, you can adjust your dosage for better results. However, keep in mind that it is possible to take too high of a dosage and risk harmful side effects.

Frequently Asked Questions: Appetite Suppressants

Q1. Who should use appetite suppressants?

The aim of appetite suppressants is to help you lose weight. Individuals who experience difficulty in wanting to lose weight or face obesity may benefit from using these supplements. For individuals who are underweight or maintain a healthy weight, taking an appetite suppressant could be harmful and dangerous.

Q2. How can I get the best results from my appetite suppressant?

To achieve the best results when using an appetite suppressant, be sure to take these supplements consistently and as directed. In order to shed significant amounts of weight, it might also be necessary to make lifestyle changes. Ensure you are experiencing the best possible weight loss by maintaining a healthier diet and doing more physical daily activity. This can be as simple as going out for a walk or taking a short run.

Q3. How safe are appetite suppressants? Do they cause side effects?

Broadly speaking, appetite suppressing supplements are perfectly safe. However, some ingredients used in making these supplements can cause side effects. For example, most appetite suppressants contain caffeine. A safe dose of caffeine is about 100 mg, and any more than this could cause jitteriness and paranoia. Rest assured, though, you can avoid many of these side effects by taking your supplement as directed by the packaging.

Q4. How long does an appetite suppressant take to have an impact on the body?

When it comes to appetite suppressant supplements, most of these take at least 30 minutes to show results. As far as weight loss is concerned, the duration it takes to deliver results could differ from one person to another. It could take anywhere from a few weeks to months to notice a change.

Q5. How often should an appetite suppressant be taken?

The right dosage and directions will depend entirely on the supplement you choose. However, you should take most supplements with a meal, which helps restrain the appetite before eating. If there is no meal for the supplement to minimize the consumption, the suppressant will not do any good. Keep in mind that taking more of an appetite suppressant does not mean it will be more effective.

Q6. When is it best to take an appetite suppressant?

While there is no specific time of day when it is best to take an appetite suppressant, most manufacturers will recommend taking their formula 15 minutes to an hour before a meal. That is because the supplement needs some time to work on the body before you eat. If an appetite suppressant is taken directly after a meal, it cannot effectively suppress your appetite.

Q7. Can I lose weight by using an appetite suppressant?

It is possible to lose weight by using an appetite suppressant, as well as making wider lifestyle adjustments (such as healthier eating and increased exercise). Appetite suppressants aim to help people curb their appetite and cravings and lower calorie intake, which may result in lost weight.

Q8. Do over-the-counter appetite suppressants work for weight loss?

Over-the-counter appetite suppressants can work just as well as any other appetite suppressant when it comes to losing weight. However, they are more effective when combined with lifestyle changes. Relying entirely on robust appetite suppressants to help you eat less food might not work. You should exercise regularly, monitor your diet, and minimize portion sizes. Appetite suppressants are simply designed to streamline your weight-loss journey.

Conclusion – Choosing the Best Appetite Suppressants for You

Some people choose to fast or diet to get their appetite in control, but in most cases, this strategy might not yield results. When you have put so much effort into dieting and working out to lose some weight, food cravings and a large appetite can be frustrating. By using appetite suppressants, you may curb your cravings, lower your appetite, and avoid snacking and overeating.

The market is full of supplements that promise to help you suppress your appetite. However, not every product out there is effective or safe to use. Our guide aims to help you find a suppressant that is best suited for you.

The appetite suppressants on this list are made with 100% natural ingredients, meaning they are safe for consumption and should not produce harmful side effects. The plant-based ingredients included in these supplements also have great health benefits outside of appetite suppressing and weight loss. Countless positive customer reviews make PhenQ and Leanbean two of our favorites. With that being said, though, the others on our list are equally as good.

As for which appetite suppressant you should choose, it all boils down to your personal preferences and circumstances. If you are struggling to lose weight and curb your increasing appetite, then you might want to consider appetite suppressants.

Although the best appetite suppressants we have included in our list do not necessarily require a prescription, there are a variety of factors to consider when looking to use these supplements. As with any substance you ingest that could have a significant impact on your health, you should consult your doctor before using appetite suppressants.

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