Biggest Loser Contestant “Shocked” She Got Engaged


Biggest Loser contestant Antoine Dove has another reason to celebrate besides his impressive weight-loss.

Before the former 367-pound man's final weigh-in — which revealed he lost 41.42 percent of his body weight — he got down on one knee and asked fellow contestant Alexandra White to be his wife.

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"I love you with all my heart," Antoine, a 23-year-old health insurance physician contractor from Dudley, NC, said through tears. "I've accomplished the impossible in my life because you [were] by my side. And now we're going to be able to live our lives together forever if you'd accept this ring."

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Alexandra, the first contestant to be voted out of Season 8, said yes.

"I am so happy right now," she told after he popped the question."I am so shocked since it just happened!"

"I didn't know until he got on his knee!" she told Us. She said she and Dove had been talking about marriage "but not anytime soon. Life happens!"

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She said they're aiming to wed next fall. "I'm not sure about all the bells and whistles, but maybe I'll wear a Vera Wang dress," she told Us.

The best thing about her soon-to-be husband?

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"He really supported me through my whole weight-loss journey, and he really accepted me for who I was then," she told Us. "I guess we would say the same thing. We really supported each other through losing weight. Losing weight is not easy. If anyone tells you that it is, they're fibbing. We really helped each other, and right now, we're focusing on couples' weight-loss. Regardless if it's your fiancé or your mother, you need that support. Right now we're making a web site and maybe writing a couple books on couples' weight-loss."

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