Blake Lively Talks Boyfriends, Food and Guns

Blake Lively Courtesy of Marie Claire

Blake Lively has never been one to say much about her relationships.

In the July issue of Marie Claire, the 24-year-old Savages actress — who’s currently dating Ryan Reynolds — admits she’s only had four serious boyfriends. “People were like, ‘That’s impossible!’ But it’s true,” says Lively, who’s also dated Leonardo DiCaprio and Penn Badgley. “I’ve been with very few people. If I’m not with somebody who really excites or inspires me, then I’d rather be by myself.”

“To be around me, you must love food or I’m the most obnoxious person you’ve ever met,” the star adds. “I’m in a big cooking phase. That’s all I’ll talk about.”

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While her past and present relationships may be off-limits, Lively is happy to talk about her other great love: Fashion.

“It’s definitely attractive when a man can dress well,” Lively says. “What I love most is when someone, guy or girl, is effortless and has this old-timey sort of feel that you could take a snapshot of them and they could exist in any time period.”

And Lively — who doesn’t work with a stylist — takes pride in putting together her own red carpet looks. “A lot of times I do my own hair and makeup for events. Sometimes I think, ‘God, why do I do this to myself? It’s so much extra work!'”

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“I love fashion. It’s such an expression of self,” she continues. “I often see people and they look great, but I can identify who styled them. Every stylist has a signature. Maybe it sounds jerky, but I’m lucky to be on such a fashion-centric show [Gossip Girl]. There’s no designer I don’t have access to.”

Blake Marie Claire
Blake Lively Courtesy of Marie Claire

Despite rumors to the contrary, that’s where the similarities between Lively and her Upper East Side alter-ego Serena van der Woodsen end. “People like to draw parallels between my life and the scandalous stories on Gossip Girl,” the actress says. “I dress the same as my character, so they think, ‘She lives this life on and off set.'”

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Lively will get the opportunity to change her public perception when Savages hits theaters July 6. The film tells the story of two marijuana growers (Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Johnson) who must rescue their kidnapped girlfriend (Lively) from a Mexican drug cartel (led by Salma Hayek and Benicio del Toro).

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“I went to the gun range and learned how to shoot a gun for the first time. It was awful,” Lively tells Marie Claire. “I asked myself, ‘Why were these things ever invented?’ But I did feel good that my first three shots were straight to the heart. It’s good to know — don’t mess with me in a gun battle.”

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