Brad Pitt, Jimmy Fallon Perform Amazing Break Dancing Sketch, Talk to Each Other in Dance Moves!

He’s a man of few words! Brad Pitt appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday, Oct. 15, but rather than partake in an interview to promote his new movie Fury, he performed a break dancing conversation.

Wowing fans with his break dancing prowess (or was that a body double?!), dad-of-six Pitt joined Fallon in an underground carpark to perform some awesome moves on a couple of opened-up cardboard boxes.

And, thanks to the power of subtitles, the audience was able to zone in on the conversation 50-year-old Pitt shared with Fallon via the power of interpretive dance!

“How’s it going?” Pitt asked with a twist. “Good,” replied Fallon, performing turns on the carpark floor.

“Congrats on your new movie, Fury,” Fallon added, with a hip thrust and a wink. See more hilarious photos from the skit.

“Thanks,” replied Pitt, before running up a wall and turning a somersault. “If you don’t see it I’ll be furious.”

Brad Pitt Jimmy Fallon
Brad Pitt and Jimmy Fallon hit the deck while doing some impressive breakdancing moves! Courtesy NBC

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha!” mused a spinning Fallon.

“He he he he he he!” Pitt added with a backflip.

Pitt’s almost-conversation with Fallon was the closest the World War Z star got to a TV sit-down on his fast-paced promotional trip to the United States. The actor was in New York on Tuesday, Oct 14, for a gala screening of Fury, before attending the film’s official premiere in Washington D.C. on Wednesday night.

Watch the whole hilarious segment to see what happens when Pitt invites the late-night show host to perform a double break dance finale.

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