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Carl’s Jr.’s New Tex Mex Bacon Thick Burger Commercial Makes Immigration Debate Sexy — Watch the Racy New Ad

Hot damn! Carl’s Jr. has found a way to make politics sexy. The burger franchise’s new Tex Mex Bacon Thick Burger commercial appears to poke fun at the immigration debate, and features two scantily clad models, representing the United States and Mexico, respectively, duking it out over the border.

carls jr girls front view
Carl’s Jr’s new Tex Mex commercial

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“I think it was a bold move for Carl’s Jr. I love it — and they did the butt slapping scene in slow motion. So, it was pretty hot,” model Kara Del Toro, who represents Mexico in the volleyball scene, told Fox News of the controversial spot.

carls jr girls back view
Carl’s Jr’s new Tex Mex commercial

In the ad, the two models wear bikinis and play a game of “borderball,” competing over whether the fast food chain’s new burger is “Tex” or “Mex.” The American team argues, “Black Angus beef and bacon? So Tex,” while the Mexican team offers, “Fire roasted peppers and onions? It’s Mex.”

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“Should we tell them it’s both?” a man watching the game adds, before his friend quips, “Eventually.”

carls jr guys
Carl’s Jr’s new Tex Mex commercial

“I don’t think it goes too far,” Del Toro added to Fox News. “I think it’s really sexy, and I think it’s playing up on what’s going on politically right now with immigration.” 

Carl’s Jr., however, denies the ad is in response to the debate. “Our new ad for the Tex Mex Bacon Thickburger is not a political statement,” Carl’s Jr. told Us Weekly in a statement. “It is simply a fast food ad, and, like all of our ads, the premise helps to paint a picture about the food. If a connection was made between the ad and politics — it was certainly not our intent.”

carls jr butt slap gif
Carl’s Jr’s new Tex Mex commercial

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Watch the sexy commercial above.