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Charlie Sheen’s Ex Bree Olson Claims He Never Revealed HIV-Positive Status to Her: “I Couldn’t Be More Angry”

Bree Olson
Bree Olson

Charlie Sheen’s ex Bree Olson learned of the actor’s HIV-positive status when the rest of the world did. The former adult film star opened up about the Anger Management actor’s diagnosis during SiriusXM’s Howard Stern Show on Tuesday, Nov. 17.

“He never said anything to me. I was his girlfriend, I lived with him. We were together. We had sex almost every day for a year with lambskin condoms, which do not protect…There were times we didn’t even use condoms, because it was only to prevent pregnancy,” Olson, 29, told Stern. “We were sleeping together every single night. He never said anything ever. ‘I’m clean,’ he said.”

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She continued: “I hesitated, and I made the same mistake that a lot of people do. I trusted him.”

Olson — who says she tested negative for HIV — lived with the Two and a Half Men alum, 50, at his Sherman Oaks, Calif., home in 2011 with his other “goddess” Natalie Kenly. The Indiana native told Stern that she got checked after hearing about the rumors.

“I wanted to blow it off. I was like, ‘Oh, this is just another Charlie thing. I don’t want to believe this,'” she explained. “It was a 20-minute wait. And this was another thing I want to bring up. I had no idea that testing centers like this were available…It was so nice, so fast.”

Bree Olson, Charlie Sheen and Natalie Kenly
Bree Olson, Charlie Sheen, and Natalie Kenly attended an event in 2011

As previously reported, Sheen announced during the Today show on Tuesday that he was diagnosed with the virus four years ago. He said that it began with “crushing headaches” and “sweating the bed.” Olson, who allegedly didn’t know about Sheen’s health, said she remembered the symptoms, but that he explained it away as a side effect of medication he was on.

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“He would wake up all the time in the middle of the night complaining of these symptoms. And he would blame it on the steroids, just steroids that he took,” she told Stern. “A doctor came to the house all the time, and they would go into a room by themselves.” In addition, Olson claims that Sheen said he took medication for his sobriety and never contacted her before he went public with the news of his HIV-positive status.

“I have not spoken to him in quite some time,” Olson told Stern. “I loved him, yes, he was my boyfriend. I left the industry for him, and I never went back.”

She added: “I had spoken nothing but positive things about Charlie…but I am so upset. I couldn’t be more angry. I’ve been shaking, I’ve been crying.”

When asked what she would say if he called now, she said: “I would say ‘F–k you’ and hang up the phone.”

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