Chrissy Teigen Poses in Bikini With Cap’n Crunch, Talks John Legend

Chrissy Teigen with Cap’n Crunch on the beach
Chrissy Teigen posed with Cap'n Crunch in a bikini on the beach. Michael Kovac

Chrissy Teigen has a new BFF in Cap’n Crunch. The stunning Sports Illustrated model, 28, recently hit the beach in a sexy two-piece with the cereal mascot for some quality time. 

While the captain wore his standard getup of a blue coat with gold buttons and a blue and gold oversized cap, Teigen donned a highlighter-pink bikini for the occasion. Her toned body was on full display while she teetered in a pair of black wedges in the sand. 

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Mrs. John Legend teamed up with the breakfast icon for an episode of his “Cap’n Crunch Show” on YouTube as a part of their partnership. 

“Breakfast for me is super important because if I don’t have breakfast, then all sorts of things go wrong throughout the entire day and I’m not kidding,” Teigen told Us exclusively of her morning eating habits. “I tend to eat much worse throughout the day if I don’t get [breakfast]… I mean, I can eat anything for breakfast, too – we’re talking anything – and I can still eat well the rest of the day.”

Chrissy Teigen
Michael Kovac

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The gorgeous Cap’n Crunch fan continued, “When I’m at home and if I have the opportunity to sleep in, sitting in bed with a bowl of cereal and watching Morning Joe – that’s always my go-to. It’s so comforting to me.”

While she may be getting into bed with Cap’n Crunch morning and night, the social media personality said her Grammy-winning husband is good about her relationship with the captain. “There’s no jealousy,” she joked. “It’s hysterical, especially since he knows my love for mascots. My love for mascots goes very far back. For some reason, it brings out the kid in me. Getting to actually work with Cap’n Crunch is so much fun.”

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Teigen also has a soft spot for other mascots, in addition to the captain. “I love the Chicago Bulls’ bull because he’s very cheeky and weird with me,” she told Us. “Gosh, what else? Even those Times Square ones, I swear… I will touch any mascot in the world. I don’t know why I love them so much, I just always have.”

Teigen’s crooner husband Legend, 35, meanwhile, was recently awarded an honorary Doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania. “Of course I’m proud,” she said of her hubby. “But at the same time, this guy – how often can you be proud of him? I actually told him this the other day – I was like, you come to me every single day with some high honor, another number one… like ’Oh, we’ve reached number one in this country now.’ I’m like, ‘John, I can’t keep up with how talented you are, and I can’t keep up this excitement. I’m going to have to keep giving you crap because listen, it’s getting exhausting.’ You know how when someone just aces everything and you’re just like ‘Alright buddy, chill out’…it’s gotten to that point now.”

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Legend’s latest honor was performing at the star-studded wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, where he did his hit single “All of Me.” Speaking in the days before the nuptials, Teigen told Us, “We’re happy for them!” Legend wore a smart tuxedo for the European event, while Teigen donned a gorgeous sleeved black gown with gold shoulder embellishments. 

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