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Christina Ricci Dressed as Morticia Addams Is Making Everyone Lose Their Minds: Reactions!

Anjelica Huston and Christina Ricci
A Photoshopped image of Christina Ricci dressed as her Addams family mom Morticia Addams is making everyone lose their minds

What’s going on, Wednesday!? Christina Ricci pulled off the character Wednesday Addams in the 1991 movie version of The Addams Family and its 1993 sequel Addams Family Values, but these days, she’s looking more like the matriarch of the altogether ooky clan. The Internet went nuts on Monday, Sept. 21, when a Photoshopped image of Ricci dressed as Morticia Addams went viral.

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According to Yahoo, Ricci’s head was edited onto Anjelica Huston’s body from a photo taken in the ’90s. Clad in her black threads (oh, so dark!), Morticia has her hair slicked down and is resting her arm on a chair.

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Ricci, 35, and Huston, 64, played goth mom and daughter in the adaptation of the ’60s-era TV show, which was first inspired by Charles Addams’ 40s-era illustrations. Back in April 2014, Ricci opened up about the memorable role, and how she never felt like the character was hard to shake off when seeking other job opportunities.

Anjelica Huston and Christina Ricci on The Addams Family
Anjelica Huston and Christina Ricci on The Addams Family

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“I think that I’ve been very lucky that none of these images or impressions I’ve left on people have been bad ones really,” the former child actress told Parade magazine. “People love Wednesday, but I would love that character too, so I’ve never really attempted to shake any of the stuff.”

She added: “I’ve always been very lucky to have characters that people really love. I think about some people that can’t shake really bad images and I’m glad I avoided them.”

Check out reactions to the photo below:

Julian Caesar (@Exit_The_Void): “Christina Ricci as Morticia Addams. What a time to be alive.”


Nameless Cynic (@NamelessCynic): “This is Christina Ricci dressed as Morticia Addams. Because it’s Monday, not Wednesday.”

N A N O (@NanosauR): “My thoughts on Christina Ricci as Morticia Addams: s e n s a t i o n a l ????”

Last Exit To Nowhere (@LASTEXITshirts): “Loving this shot of Christina Ricci as Morticia”

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