Coca-Cola’s Multi-Lingual “America the Beautiful” Commercial Sparks Controversy, Praise: Watch It Here

America the Beautiful? 

Coca-Cola is seeing some of the uglier reactions to its “beautiful” Super Bowl commercial. The ad, which aired during the second half of the game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos, features the anthem “America the Beautiful” being sung in a variety of languages from across the country. 

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Within minutes of the commercial airing, enraged watchers took to Twitter to voice their grievances over the multi-lingual rendition of the iconic tune and a segment which spotlights a same-sex couple and their daughter. 

Several tweeters cried out for all fellow citizens to “speak English” while others complained that the commercial showed Muslim Americans, calling them “terrorists” and using other slurs.

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Many of the tweets were rounded up on the tumblr page “Public Shaming,” which led many other tweeters to lash back at the racist reactions. This led some of the original authors to delete their tweets or set their accounts to private.

Coke Super Bowl Commercial

But some still continue to voice their anti-Coke commercial opinions on Twitter. Here’s a sample:

Richard Chase ‏@BornUnderReagan: Dear Coke, Your commercial is a slap to the faces of my Italian and Finnish ancestors who came here & learned English.  #AmericaIsBeautiful

Sammy Bacon @bacon_sam22: Coke lost a lot of drinkers on that one. This is America damnit. We speak English

AR-15 ‏@AlexRautio: I will not be buying another Coke after seeing their Super Bowl commercial. #Shame

[Fox News guest host] Laura Ingraham @IngrahamAngle: But illegals will learn English, right @RepPaulRyan? Coca-Cola’s “America the Beautiful” Super Bowl ad #EnglishFirst

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And while many were offended by the commercial, many others delighted in the display of diversity and had a message for those who had a problem with it. 

Luis A. Miranda, Jr. ‏@Vegalteno: Coke commercial #AmericatheBeautiful in many languages is inspiring and applauds our diversity.

Wes Boling ‏@TVsWesBoling: Dear people offended by the multilingual Coke commercial: Please research how America was founded. #nationofimmigrants

Kalopsia ‏@just_paige: It’s especially disheartening to see soldiers complaining about the Coke commercial. Do you only defend Americans if they have white skin?

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