Curt Schilling and His Teenage Daughter Gabby Speak Out After Exposing Cyberbullies: “I’ll Never Not Protect Her”

Curt Schilling and daughter Gabby
Curt Schilling and his teenage daughter Gabby spoke out on GMA after exposing the identities of her cyberbullies this week: "I'll never not protect her," he said. 

All-star dad. Curt Schilling and his daughter Gabby sat down with Good Morning America's Gio Benitez on Tuesday, Mar. 3, to discuss his recent detective work, after exposing the identities of several men who harassed his teenage daughter on Twitter.

The three-time World Series champ, 48, shared his meticulous sleuthing work on his personal blog this past Sunday, Mar. 1, after men threatened his daughter in lewd and awful personal messages. "[There were] tweets with the word rape, bloody underwear and pretty much every other vulgar and defiling word you could likely fathom began to follow," the former baseball pro wrote on his blog.

Naturally, his college-bound daughter Gabby, 17, came to him "beyond upset" about the gross, derogatory comments.

Schilling reiterated to GMA that it was his fatherly instinct to defend and protect his baby girl. "Anybody that reads it and says that it's just a joke? I know a couple of things for a fact," the former Philadelphia Phillies pitcher said. "They are not fathers of kids."

"I grew up in a locker room. I grew up playing sports," he continued. "I know what it means to be a guy. Never in my life have I ever uttered half of the words that these guys were posting."

Since the Baseball Hall of Fame hopeful exposed the culprits on his blog, at least nine of them have faced repercussions such as losing their jobs and getting suspended from school. One of the offenders was a part-time ticket seller for the Yankees, while another student was suspended from his community college.

"It wasn't a mistake," Schilling said Tuesday of the culprits. "This was a conscious decision to be an idiot and to say some pretty evil stuff… I'll do everything I can do to not embarrass her but I'll never not protect her."

Gabby, who has joined her father in his efforts against cyberbullies. "Nobody should be able to get away with saying things like that to a father about their daughter," the teen said.

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The current ESPN analyst, who recently finished chemo and radiation for his mouth cancer, also spoke to the New York Daily News about his latest headline-making campaign. "I've said a lot of dumb things, a lot of stupid things. I've said things I wish I hadn't said. But I don't ever remember in my life, online, in person, in a dream, saying things like that to anyone, or thinking things like that to anyone," he told the paper.

"Again, I was a high school boy, college kid," he said to the Daily News. "I know how we act and how we think. But if I was ever to utter something like that, my dad would come out of the grave and kill me. This is almost like people saying to a woman who got raped, 'Well, you were dressed for it.' Are you kidding me?"

Watch his appearance with Gabby above.

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