Debbie Rowe’s Attorney Applauds Her “Selflessness” Settling Custody

A lawyer for Debbie Rowe is pleased with the way she handled herself while reaching a custody deal with the Jackson family over the late singer's children.

"The parties engaged in a dignified discussion that resulted in a dignified outcome," attorney Eric George tells in a statement Thursday. "The sole consideration between the parties was the best interests of the children. I'm proud to have worked with such professionals who represented Ms. Jackson, and I am particularly proud of Deborah for her integrity and selflessness."

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Added Katherine Jackson's attorneys, L. Londell McMillan and Diane Goodman: "Mrs. Jackson and the family are pleased this matter is resolved and was handled in a caring, thoughtful and courteous manner by the parties and their representatives. We were all united in our goals to do what is best for Michael's wonderful children, and both Mrs. Jackson and Debbie Rowe were on the exact same page. Accordingly, although important issues had to be resolved, this was no legal contest but rather simply a process doing the right thing for the right reasons."

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Their attorneys also confirmed details from Thursday morning's custody report. Under the terms of the parties' agreement:

Katherine Jackson shall be the guardian for the minor children;

Deborah Rowe shall exercise visitation rights with the two oldest children, Prince, 11, and Paris, 12. The timing, frequency and manner of visits shall be implemented according to the best interests of the children, as determined by a child psychologist selected jointly, and paid jointly, by Katherine Jackson and Deborah Rowe.

The parties have neither sought nor agreed to any compensation to be exchanged, apart from the continuation of spousal support payments that had previously been personally agreed to between Michael Jackson and Deborah Rowe.

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