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Denise Richards: Charlie Sheen “Was a Very Different Person” When We Got Married

Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen
Denise Richards says that Charlie Sheen was not a bad boy when they married.

The Charlie Sheen who Denise Richards fell in love with and ultimately married in 2002 was a “very different person,” the Wild Things actress admitted during a chat with Allegedly With Theo Von and Matthew Cole Weiss last week. 

When asked about her history of dating “bad boys,” Richards, 44, revealed on the podcast that her ex-husband wasn’t necessarily “bad” when she met him.

“Charlie, when I married him, he wasn’t a bad boy. He was sober for almost four years. He was a very different person. His lifestyle was very, very different. He was a former bad boy, I guess,” the mom to their two daughters Sam, 11, and Lola, 10, said. The interview was conducted before Us Weekly confirmed that Sheen, 50, is HIV-positive.

“I have a lot of empathy for anyone that struggles with addiction,” she continued during the podcast. “I’m not going to judge the choices they made under the influence. I can only judge the person I’m meeting and I think sometimes past experiences make who you are so I just went off the person I had met and gotten to know and fell in love with. He was very different.”

Following their nasty public breakup and divorce in 2006, Richards said she was shunned by Hollywood given Sheen’s then-hugely popular role on Two and a Half Men.

“I was surprised how much that affected me work wise…I was perceived as being a lunatic and crazy,” she explained of how Sheen’s fans took their personal drama following his many outbursts. “There are people that have [since] come up to me and apologized for drinking the Kool-aid…It was hard.”

Nowadays, however, Sheen and Richards have patched things up.

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