Denise Richards Files New Lawsuit Against Charlie Sheen, Claims He Threatened Her and Her Kids’ Lives: Details

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards
Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards 

Things are once again getting ugly between Charlie Sheen and his second ex-wife, Denise Richards. The actress and model, 44, has filed a new lawsuit against Sheen, 50. 

“It was a very difficult decision for Denise to do this, but it’s something that’s been ongoing for quite some time,” a source close to Richards tells Us Weekly.

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The Two and a Half Men alum told TMZ that the lawsuit was “a desperate attempt to get more money” after his lawyer claimed Sheen has already paid almost $20 million to Richards over the years; the couple were married from 2002 to 2006.

“In addition to what Charlie has been paying Denise, he also pays for school, all expenses and it’s still not enough for her. He intends to fight this and believes he will prevail,” Sheen’s lawyer told TMZ.

In the documents obtained by Us, Richards makes several claims about her ex, saying that around Christmas 2013, he sent hateful texts and made threats to their daughters, Lola, 10, and Sam, 11.

After Sheen’s daughters didn’t reply to his texts asking them to come over to open Christmas presents, he allegedly wrote them: “tell mom to go eat pork and die. Yu r both REALLY F–KING RUDE. yure mom is a loser. in fact let’s see how well yu all do with my $$$$. c u all in the f–king gutter.”

Denise Richards, Sam and Lola
Richards with daughters Sam and Lola in 2011.

Around the same time, he also allegedly sent Richards the text: “u are being evicted on Monday.”

The concerned mother claims she arranged for her kids to write their father letters about how he made them feel. After he received the letters, Richards overheard Sheen calling Lola and telling her that Richards was “a f–king pig whore,” and yelling, “I’m going to kill you and I’m going to kill your mom.”

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He repeated these same statements to Richards on the phone, and then threatened to come over to the house with a baseball bat. The conversation ended there, and Sheen never followed through on the threat.

Sheen later reached out to Richards, trying to smooth things over. But in March 2014, there was an alleged altercation when he came over to give Sam money for her birthday. When Richards wouldn’t let him inside, he started screaming, and then began to “approach her aggressively.” She closed the door, and he began pounding and kicking the door, allegedly screaming, “Let me at her. I’m gonna kill her.”

The alleged hostility continued through June 2015, when Sheen supposedly texted Lola: “please thank ur piece of s–t mom for ruining our friendship again call me sometime or I’ll see you around the campus love dad everything she tells you is a lie good bye girls I’m probably gonna jump off a cliff yu can thank mom for that too.”

According to Richards, Sheen promised his ex that if she and the kids moved in next to him at a home he had purchased, called the Clerendon Residence, they would not be evicted. Richards was concerned about making the move due to her personal history with Sheen, but in 2011 he had learned about his HIV diagnosis, and allegedly told her he was desperate to be near his children. Since they moved there in 2013, Sheen has allegedly threatened to kick them out several times.

Denise Richards, Lola and Sam
Richards and daughters Lola and Sam attend a Nickelodeon premiere in 2011.

After Sheen’s “unpredictable and harmful behavior” continued and Richards was forced to send their daughters to a school that was more than an hour and a half away, she began looking for a new place to live, the documents reveal.

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A new stipulation was drafted in May 2014, requiring Sheen to “fund the purchase of a new home for Richards and the children that was equivalent” to the Clerendon Residence.

He did not comply with the stipulation. Finally, Richards was forced to move to a place closer to the kids’ school, renting for $15,000 a month. She is looking for a permanent residence, and asking Sheen for financial compensation.

Richards wants a $1.2 million down payment from Sheen to go toward the purchase of a new home, which she claims he previously agreed to pay for via a trust for the kids.

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