Diane Keaton Says She Consumed 20,000 Calories a Day While Suffering With Bulimia

Diane Keaton
Diane Keaton has opened up again about her previous struggle with bulimia, and how many calories she consumed a day during an appearance on Dr. Oz on Thursday, May 8 Vera Anderson/WireImage

Diane Keaton has nothing to hide. The And So It Goes actress opened up about her struggles with bulimia once again during an appearance on Dr. Oz on Thursday, May 8. She went into detail about suffering from the eating disorder in her twenties, and how she consumed about 20,000 calories every day.

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"All I did was feed my hunger. So I was an addict," the 68-year-old said. "It was of course the lowest point in my life."

"I was an obsessed person that somehow tricked myself and managed to hide it," she continued. "So when you are living with a lie for four years — it wipes out any growth at all whatsoever."

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It was a tough time for the "Let's Just Say It Wasn't Pretty" author, but fortunately, she overcame her challenges with the help of a therapist. "One day I stopped and I never, ever did it again," Keaton told the audience. "I just stopped and I don't know why."

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The Annie Hall star previously revealed about her four-year battle back in November 2011 in her book, "Then Again." At the time, she said "to keep secrets doesn't help you at all" and that she was happy to finally get it off her chest.

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"I have nothing to hide. It's not relevant, but for me it feels good," she wrote. "I think I'm a sister to all the rest of the women—and I'm sure men as well—who have had some kind of eating disorder, and I'm a part of the team."

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