Divergent’s Miles Teller Reveals How the Cast Pranked Ben Lloyd-Hewes

Christian Madsen, Ben Lloyd-Hughes, Zoe Kravitz, Amy Newbold and Miles
Christian Madsen, Ben Lloyd-Hughes, Zoe Kravitz, Amy Newbold and Miles Teller of Divergent had a few on-set pranks. 

Shooting a movie can be boring, with actors sometimes spending an entire day just standing in one spot. One good thing to come from all this free time, however, is that it has birthed the art of the "on-set prank," a little fun at the expense of costars. George Clooney does it, Brad Pitt does it, and so, Us Weekly has learned, does Miles Teller.

In a recent interview, Teller admitted to Us that while filming the highly anticipated adventure movie Divergent (adapted from the best-selling series from Veronica Roth), he had a little fun with British co-star Ben Lloyd-Hughes, who plays Will.

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"The author of the books, Veronica, came by for a set visit and Ben kept talking about how much they had 'hit it off,'" Teller recalled. The 26-year-old Pennsylvania native plays Peter in the film. "It was kind of funny because he seemed to think that she liked him more than the rest of us, so I had my assistant run out for a balloon and a card. Then I wrote a fake note to Ben, signed it from Veronica and left it in his trailer."

Along with the note, Teller left another costar's phone number, and what followed was a few weeks' worth of communication between Lloyd-Hughes and someone who he thought to be Roth.

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Ben Lamb, who plays Edward, told Us that it was a treat for the whole cast to watch the epic prank go down without a hitch. "I think he believed he was getting a spin-off," Lamb said. "He kept talking about his chats with her and even had scheduled a lunch which he was really anticipating."

Unfortunately, the fun and games finally came to an end when the cast was hanging out in a trailer and someone let slip the fact that the texts had been from Teller all along (Lamb believes the culprit may have been Zoe Kravitz).

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"Ben stood up and was like, 'Is this a joke! Is this a joke!'" Lamb said with a laugh. "He couldn't believe it."

Teller will next star in A24 Films' new The Spectacular Now, which also features another Divergent cast member: The Descendants' Shailene Woodley. It releases August 2 in New York and Los Angeles, and August 16 in the rest of the country.

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