Watch YouTube Star Dominic DeAngelis Vomit on Camera After Eating World’s Spiciest Chip

It’s getting hot in here! YouTuber star Dominic DeAngelis took on the Paqui #OneChipChallenge with his guest Chachi Gonzales — and it didn’t end well for him. In the now viral video posted to YouTube on Thursday, October 19, the pair were brave enough to try the chip, and unfortunately for DeAngelis, it was too hot to handle and it caused him to vomit.

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The tortilla company is challenging its customers to eat one of their Carolina Reaper chips, dubbed as the world’s hottest chip, and asking them to film it and post it to social media for the chance to win a grand prize. In the clip, the duo put on rubber gloves and kept milk and Pepto-Bismol nearby in preparation to eat the spicy snack, which Paqui says is made with the hottest pepper on the planet. The chips even come in a coffin-like package, and as soon as Gonzales and DeAngelis took a bite, their eyes began to tear up.

World’s Spiciest Chip

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They both struggled to put their experience into words as tears streamed down their face, but DeAngelis, 24, managed to say: “It’s very hot, of course. It’s one of those where it just sneaks up on you.” Gonzales struggled to keep her composure and said, “I can’t control my face! It’s only getting worse. Who would make this?”

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The pair tried to go five minutes without milk and after their alarm went off, they chugged two glasses, ate ice cream and even drank some of the anti-acid medication. It still wasn’t enough to help the YouTuber and he walked over to the sink in his kitchen to vomit. Although the dancer managed to fight through the pain in the video, they revealed in the description that she woke up the next morning with a terrible stomachache.

Watch the graphic clip above to see their full reaction after taking the challenge.

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