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Donald Trump Removes Latino Reporter Jorge Ramos From Press Conference: “Go Back to Univision!”

Donald Trump threw Latino news anchor Jorge Ramos out of his press conference on Tuesday, Aug. 25, after refusing to answer his question and ordering him to “go back to Univision!”

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Trump, who famously derided Latino immigrants as he launched his presidential campaign back in June, ejected Ramos (a Univision anchor and one of most powerful newsmen on Spanish-language TV) from a conference before his rally in Dubuque, Iowa, after he stood up to ask Trump a question, despite the fact Trump hadn’t invited him to do so. 

“Excuse me, sit down. You weren’t called,” Trump ordered Ramos, brusquely. “Sit down. Sit down,” he added in a sneering voice.

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When Ramos contested that he had the right to ask a question, Trump continued to ignore him and urged another reporter he did want to talk to, to continue with his question. 

When Ramos continued to attempt his question, Trump repeated. “You haven’t been called, go back to Univision,” before giving his security guards the nod to deal with the situation.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump ejected Jorge Ramos from his press event

Trump watched silently as the Emmy-winning journalist, who was on the cover of Time magazine’s World’s Most Influential People issue, was removed from the room. When asked by other reporters why he refused to take Ramos’ questions, Trump said it was because he hadn’t been called on.

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Fifteen minutes later, Ramos did return to the room and Trump eventually engaged in a discussion about immigration.

Watch the shocking moment Trump had Ramos removed from the room in the video above.

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