Donald Trump Explains Why People Support Him for President: “I’m Owned by the People”

Donald Trump on the cover of Rolling Stone
Donald Trump is putting the needs of American workers first in his run for the presidency, he says in his Rolling Stone cover story. 

Donald Trump may have an estimated net worth of $10 billion, but the Republican presidential hopeful is really just like Us. At least, that’s what the business mogul insists in the latest issue of Rolling Stone as he pushes to place the focus on American workers first.

While his conservative opponents are backed by Super PACs, special interest groups, and the incredibly deep pockets of some very wealthy folks, Trump is spending his own money and promising his loyalties to citizens and no one else to gain trust and support for his campaign.

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“I’m owned by the people!” he told the magazine. “I mean, I’m telling you, I’m no angel, but I’m gonna do right by them!”

To prove his point, he’s even given up eating Oreos because Nabisco has shipped jobs out of the country. “I meant what I said: No more Oreos for Trump!” he declared.

As the former star of NBC’s The Apprentice has insisted during recent televised debates and rallies, he doesn’t believe politicians are doing enough for citizens, that our country’s leaders have negotiated and given away too much at the expense of the non-wealthy.

“I’d renegotiate trade deals so that our country becomes rich again, and end deals where car manufacturers go to other countries,” he said. “I’m gonna have them built right here.” And should a U.S. car manufacturer ship its jobs out of the country? “We’re gonna charge you a 35 percent tax on every car and every truck part that comes in!” he insisted. “Trust me, I can do it.”

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Sure, like most Americans, he’s not nearly as polished as career politicians or have their tact when he gives public speeches. But speaking from his heart is working for him — he’s currently leading in the crowded GOP field — despite offending many with his comments about illegal immigrants and women in recent weeks.

“I like that he’s not politically correct. We don’t have time for that here,” a woman named Lise told Rolling Stone at a rally. 

“He means what he says, and says what he means,” added Dino. “The other guys, they got marbles in their mouth — you don’t even know what they’re saying.”

Though he inherited a good deal of wealth from his father, real-estate developer Fred, Trump, 69, said his success is thanks to his dad’s strong work ethic and insistence on making each of his children do hard labor, such as pouring cement. It’s something that Trump has done with his four children, having them do landscaping and other not-so-glamorous tasks rather than handing them cushy internships and jobs, and making them earn their high positions in his company.

And so he’s relying on himself to try to win the presidency. “I’m prepared to underwrite this,” Trump told Rolling Stone

That DIY attitude may just earn him some more support.

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