Donald Trump Gets Laughed at by United Nations Leaders During His Boastful General Assembly Speech

Not what you want to hear when you’re standing in front of world leaders. President Donald Trump received an outpour of chuckles as he stood in front of the United Nations General Assembly in New York City on Tuesday, September 25, making boastful comments.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images

“In less than two years my administration has accomplished more than any almost administration in the history of our country,” Trump, 72, bragged of his time in office so far. He added, “So true,” as those in attendance erupted into laughter.

After a brief breather, the former reality star noted, “Didn’t expect that reaction, but that’s OK,.”

Those in the audience weren’t the only ones who found his claim questionable. The comment sparked reaction from Twitter users who were watching Trump speak to the U.N.

“When u speak outside of your #echochamber and in front of ppl who will not simply take your lies, you get laughed at,” one commenter wrote. “Yes #Trump claimed he has accomplished more than anyone else at #UnitedNations speech and world leaders simply laughed at the buffoon.”

Another added: “The UN General Assembly laughed at you. We’re all laughing at you.”

Others, however, came to the defense of the commander in chief, with one writing, “Everyone is saying that Trump was laughed at during his UN address (he wasn’t.) They were laughing with him. And that’s an important distinction because we need to come to grips with how the entire world has normalized him, not just the United States.”

This was Trump’s second time speaking in front of the United Nations since being elected in 2016. His speech last year made headlines when he threatened North Korea with “fire and fury.”

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