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Donald Trump’s Extravagant, Gold-Rimmed NYC Penthouse Is Like Nothing You’ve Seen: Pictures

Donald Trump
Donald Trump's $100 million NYC penthouse features floor-to-ceiling marble pillars, gold statues, and painted ceilings.

Why settle for the White House when you already live in a gold house? Donald Trump’s current residence in New York City could give the president’s abode a run for its money given its gold-and-marble opulence.

The Republican presidential hopeful’s penthouse is located on Fifth Avenue within the iconic Trump Tower, and spans three floors, each decked out with floor-to-ceiling marble-and-gold pillars and oversized paintings featuring scenes from Greek myths.

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The Donald, 69, also has crystal chandeliers, and cushioned sofas and chairs throughout his living room, with Greek vases on the mantelpiece. A statue of Eros and Psyche sits on the glass living room table.donald and melania

Angelo Donghia, who has also worked with such high-profile names as Barbara Walters, Diana Ross, Halston, Ralph Lauren, Mary Tyler Moore, and Neil Simon, designed Trump’s over-the-top penthouse with Louis XIV in mind.

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Case in point: Trump’s sitting room is reminiscent of the French monarch’s historic Hall of Mirrors in Versailles, which features chandeliers, gold statues, and a ceiling painted with scenes of his military victories.Donald Trump

Earlier this year, when Trump appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, he didn’t try to hide his infamous financial status.Trump

When asked what he planned to do to boost the American economy, Trump answered, half tongue-in-cheek: “Look, I’m really rich. I know how to run a business.”Donald Trump

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In addition to his political career, Trump has made a name for himself as a real estate mogul, TV personality, business author, and more.

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