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Erin and Sara Foster Reveal Why Nicole Richie and Kate Hudson Are Great Friends

Erin Foster and Sarah Foster
Maarten de Boer/Getty Images

#SquadGoals! Erin and Sara Foster sat down with Us Weekly on Monday, April 30 to dish on the must-have characteristics they look for in friends. The two sisters, who are also the heads of creative for Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF, are usually seen rolling with Nicole Richie, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Meyer and more “it” girls, decided they want to expand their circle and a couple more BFFs to their group.

Celebrity Childhood Friends

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Erin Foster and Sarah Foster
Erin Foster, Kelly Sawyer, Jennifer Meyer, Nicole Richie, Rachel Zoe, Jessica Alba and Sara Foster Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images

While looking on Bumble BFF, Erin admits it was hard to choose the lucky fan who would get to spend the day with them. “It was hard to pick because everyone had such great stories. I swiped right on basically everyone I came across,” she said. Sara adds, “We’re so stuck in this bubble and Erin and I don’t really make new friends. It was such a reminder going through the app and seeing how many amazing girls there are out there that really add value to your life and different perspectives. You get so comfortable with your friend group, which is obviously a great thing, but sometimes it’s hard to meet new people.”

When it comes to their core group, Sara says, “The beauty of being friends with Kate and Nicole is that we’ve all been friends since we were little. We’ve been friends with Nicole since we were in elementary school and friends with Kate since high school.” She continues, “Who knows if we met today if we’d be friends, but those are friendships that have to last because they’ve already lasted so long and we all grew up together.”

Celebrity Siblings

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Sara and Erin Foster on why Nicole Richie and Kate Hudson
Jen Meyer and friends Courtesy of Jen Meyer/Instagram

The group is so special to Erin because it’s made up of strong, opinionated, hardworking, ambitious and cool women. “You don’t see girls in our friend group who are just sitting back and living off of their husbands, boyfriends, dads or family and just chilling and hanging out,” she explains. “It’s no secret that we grew up around the entertainment business with so many resources available to us and we’re so grateful for that. The girls in our circle took those resources and parlayed them into their own working life and ambitions and used them as a jump off point to create their own life that they’re proud of,” she notes.

Since their friends all have varying skill sets, it only makes sense that the Fosters go to different pals for advice. Sara admits to relying on Hudson for her fashion sense. “Obviously I think Kate has amazing style. She would prefer if I dressed differently because she always tells me I’m dressed like a mom,” she reveals. “I’m like, ‘I am a mom!’ but I guess you’re not supposed to look like one,” Sara jokes.

For tips on motherhood, Meyer is the go-to girl. “Jen Meyer is so good at being nonjudgmental to the point that someone would tell her, ‘It’s okay, you can tell me that I really f-cked up,” Sara reveals.

When they’re looking for a good gossip session, Richie is far from the friend they’d choose. “I’ve never met anyone who rejects gossip more than Nicole. Sometimes you gotta gossip a little and Nicole doesn’t stand for it,” Erin says. “She will not listen to gossip, which is kind of annoying,” Sara adds.

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For dating advice, Erin says she’s in need of a friend for that and her current group doesn’t help out. “None of them encourage me to date because they want me to stay single since I’m a great third wheel!,” she tells Us. “I’m the main single person, so none of them really want me to date. They’re always like, ‘You have a date tonight? That’s annoying!’, she says.

As for what makes them awesome friends? “Sara’s best quality is being really honest with her friends,” Erin reveals. “Erin is very loyal and she will be there for any of her friends no matter what,” Sara says.

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