Farrah Abraham on Sex Tape: My Guy Friends Said It’s “Hot”

Farrah Abraham tweeted that several of her guys friends had watched her sex tape and deemed it "hot." Tiffany Rose/WireImage.com

You don't say. One day after Farrah Abraham announced an upcoming reality docu-soap series based on her life via Twitter, the Teen Mom star used the social media site yet again to humble brag about her recently released sex tape, Farrah Abraham Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom.

"It's weird that my guy friends from school watched me having #sex @Vivid & then told me #ItWasHot," she wrote on Thursday, May 23. The 21-year-old mom previously tweeted that she herself had no interest in watching the tape, which she sold to Vivid Entertainment for around $1 million.

"Well, looks like Vivid released their version of my video," she tweeted on May 6. "I'm not watching, but thank you all for the positive compliments." Several hours later, she returned to Twitter to reiterate her insistence on not watching the video.

"I know what's out. Don't talk to me about it. Thanks," she wrote, later retweeting a comment from a fan complimenting her on her "fantastic body."

The former Teen Mom star has faced her share of backlash ever since news of the tape first surfaced earlier this year. On May 14, model Chrissy Teigen even took to Twitter to slam Abraham for filming the tape in the first place.

"Farrah Abraham now thinks she is pregnant from her sex tape. In other news you're a whore and everyone hates you," Teigen, 27, wrote. "Whoops not other news, sorry."

Abraham, however, tries to justify her decisions in the May 27 issue of Us Weekly, telling Us that people are over-exaggerating when they call her names.

"People are saying stuff like, 'Farrah's a slut, Farrah's a whore.' I'm like, 'I don't usually have sex!'" she said. "I don't have time to be sexual. There has been about a four-year dry spell."

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