This Model Just Proved That Thigh Gaps Are Smoke and Mirrors

Iskra Lawrence
Iskra Lawrence Courtesy of Iskra Lawrence/Instagram

Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s a good angle. Model Iskra Lawrence shared two side-by-side Instagram selfies on April 29 to demonstrate that social media is all smoke and mirrors. In one image the size 14 beauty's thighs are touching, in the other she appears to have a wide thigh gap, yet both snaps were taken on the same day. 

“No thigh gap or thigh gap who cares,” the 25-year-old wrote. “I’ll be the first one to tell you pics are all about good lightening and angles. Always remember social medias not real life never let anyone else’s pics make you feel insecure about yourself.”

The face of the #AerieREAL campaign — which aims to promote body positivity — soared to internet stardom on April 1 when she shut down an online troll by posting a video of herself clad in lingerie and savoring a bag of potato chips. 

“This is for anyone who has ever been called FAT,” the curvy Brit wrote on Instagram before clapping back at the Instagram commenter who called her a “fat cow” and said plus-size models promote obesity. “Everyone needs to stop eating McDonalds” and “people like her [eat] too many bags of crisps” (a.k.a British slang for chips), the hater also wrote.

The 5-foot-9 beauty didn’t always love her shape. “When I got rejected from the agencies, I was comparing myself to the models I saw, and at that point, all I saw was very, very slim models,” Lawrence told Elle in February. “I didn’t have that body, so I would do extreme diets. I tried the Beyonce maple syrup and cayenne pepper diet. That one was disgusting. I did the Atkins diet where you could only eat one protein — so at the age of 15, I was just eating ham for a week.” Lawrence added that she obsessively counted calories and even googled operations to make her calves slimmer. 

“I just had it in my head that my body was holding me back from dreams, and I that I couldn’t achieve it because my body wasn’t right,” she said. “Eventually I learned you are more than your body. Your body’s your home, and you need to love it and respect it. You are meant to be in that body, so look after it, love it and don’t let it be the reason for not doing something.”

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